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The culling takes the idea of the hunger games and runs with it and I have to say it’s well done. First of all I will start with the training you can do to acquaint yourself with the basic concept of the game, you get taught the simple things, what you need to craft weapons, the basic combat system. There is an advanced training session you can go through but once you have the first one finished you are ready to play.

You are dropped in a random space on the map and you have to scavenge to survive. Using rocks, branches and whatever you find in buildings and crates scattered around the map. There are 2 different game types first one is free for all in which you are pitted against everyone and last man standing wins and Team in which it is the last team standing that wins. You can play with your buddies or if you are playing alone then you will be assigned team mates. When it comes to free for all you trust no one, you may find someone that wants to be nice but more than likely they have set a trap to lead you into or they will turn on you as soon as drop your defences.

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When you start each round you only have what you were born with. No matter what you crafted in the round previous you start from scratch. You punch trees or rocks crafting you next deadly item. Or you could try your look with scavenging from containers and lockers in any of the buildings that you may find nearby, my one word of warning with that strategy is that you will become the latest victim if you come across another player that has decided to craft his weapons.

The arena has one central stadium leaves you with no cover and it will be like shooting fish in a barrel if you get caught. Scattered around the map there are buildings and outhouses that you can use to set traps and to take cover in. The map is mostly green with trees and bushes but hidden in various locations on the map are poison gas tanks that can be used to clear and area, one thing to note about that is you have to clear that area or you will kill yourself so choose wisely. The training area is a small cylindrical room that has many doors that you go through to learn a new skill and you aren’t allowed to leave that area until you have completed the task.

Firstly you start off in your underpants, this as you would expect leaves you vulnerable to being the first poor soul to lose your life. This however can be avoided by going to your loadout and equipping yes you guessed it clothes. At the end of each round you are given a score and depending on your score you will receive rewards that you can then equip in the load out such as body armour.

The controls are simple enough and you can pause at any time to browse the craft list or the controls but after a game or 2 you will not really need to. The game isn’t going to stun graphically but it’s still a good-looking game with decent water and nice trees you won’t get to distracted, in some buildings there is the nice addition of a score board so you can see who has bitten the dust. Another nice addition is the little announcement that you get when someone does bit it. It’s not in your face it’s smartly made to sound like a tannoy announcement in the distance.

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The game over all is fun, light-hearted and a good laugh if you don’t take it to seriously. It is enjoyable when playing with you friends or on your own, but after a while you will start to get bored with the same thing over and over again. With the customisability of you character you can tailor it to you fancy, as you try to camouflage or you can stick out like a sore thumb with bright colours and ostentatious hats. With the game currently being available via early access for £10.99 via steam there is still so much more to come for this game like female character model, additional character model heads/faces
new weapons, traps, and items, new maps, new game modes, new clothing customisation items, new customization, e.g. custom weapon skins for personal airdrops, controller support, additional map hazards and improved bot AI for offline practice.

The culling is scheduled for a full release in 2017 but right now it is still worth purchasing, you will get to see the game grow as it come closer to being completed and the enjoyment will grow from there. A good concept and a good game, by the time 2017 rolls around The Culling could be Huge.

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