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The Kingdom of Deluxia is over run with monsters on one end and being invaded on the other. Code of Princess starts off with the princess running for her life. Her father surrendered the castle to the enemies. The only thing she is left with is the holy blade. Her goal is to restore her land back to its former glory. Along the way the princess meets people who want to help her with her quests. The future of the kingdom is at stake and is now in your hands.

In Code of Princess you can play as 8 main characters or 50 in multiplayer mode. You can play online with friends or solo. There are a variety of modes to choose from. As you continue to progress in story mode new modes become available. As new characters become unlocked you can switch and play as one of them. You can also replay previous quests as well that have been cleared. There are also about 100 quests in the game. You can pick and choose which ones to do. I liked that Code of Princess had a lot of features and content. Meaning that it isn’t the type of game you can clear in a day. To me there is nothing worse than playing game and clearing it in a day.

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Code of Princess is a mixture of side scrolling and RPG. As you clear quests you can choose what stats you want improved with your characters. In this game I wasn’t in love with the side scrolling action. One of the things I loved was that there was a lot of fighting and action in the game. The problem for me was that since it is a side scrolling game it kind of felt like I was playing Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. I love both of those games don’t get me wrong. In Code of Princess that old school arcade style fighting just didn’t work for me. I felt that the game should have come up with its own style. Something more modern and contemporary.

The controls in this PC version take some time to get use to and figure out. The tutorial helps and also explains different moves you can do. What doesn’t get explained is how to replenish your HP or MP gauge.  I loved the anime style scene at the beginning of the game. What I wasn’t crazy about was the old school style of the characters when you are battling. During battle the sleek, contemporary anime style of the characters gets downgraded during game play.

During battles you can switch between the middle, back, or foreground plane. While Code of Princes can be fun at times but as you keep playing things get repetitive. Not to mention that no matter how much you progress during a battle, if you die that’s it. You have to redo the entire battle all over again. The more you die the less you want to keep playing that quest. This takes away from the replayability of the game. At least for me it did. It can be fun doing the old school button mashing against foes but the gameplay doesn’t change at all from quest to quest. Doing the same thing in each quest gets boring fast.

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You get money, and other items as you clear quests. Each character that you unlock has different abilities and strengths.  You can’t change the level of difficult in the game either. What I found more enjoyable than anything else was the dialogue and story progression. Even though the gameplay itself is repetitive, what made me keep playing was to see the story progress. I love that the overall game is lighthearted and comedic at times. The quests aren’t hard to clear either. All you really have to do is defeat the bad guys.

Code of Princess is basically a modern-day old school classic arcade style RPG. It has a lot of classic arcade game elements. The battles can be fun and reminded me of the old school Mortal Kombat game. What I didn’t love was that if you die you have to redo the entire battle all over again. After awhile the battles get repetitive and made me lose interest. I wish the sleek anime style of the characters stayed during battles. What I enjoyed the most was the story progression, dialogue, and the light-hearted tone of the game. Code of Princess isn’t for everyone. If you are a die-hard fan of old school games Code of Princess is the perfect game for you.

Rating 5

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