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Say cheese! Well titanium cheese. One of the latest titles to hit the Wii U is the formidable Super Robo Mouse. This action-adventure developed from the same makers as Blok Drop U, see’s you control “Robo” (a mechanical mouse like creature) as he endeavours a cunning escape from the malevolent Boltz Clan. Filled with an array of mechanical traps and complicated machinery, is Super Robo Mouse worth the bang for its buck? Or is the demanding computer appliance too much to handle?

Now I love a game that challenges you and boy does Super Robo Mouse do this. Immediately from the first level you could be forgiven for dying a fair few times as the goal of collecting 5 titanium cheese blocks sees you darting around an assortment of saw blades and lasers. Later you even come across sharks and the number of cheese blocks increases vastly. The levels are quite long too with no checkpoints, so be prepared for some frustration along the way. With this in mind if you don’t particularly enjoy games like Mega Man or Super Meat Boy then this is maybe not for you as it doesn’t get any easier. On the other hand if you thrive on insane level challenge this is ideal. I imagine quite a few speed runners get their hands dirty with this.

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The bosses though there may not be many are well done with essentially an extension on smaller mechanics used on normal levels. Like the stages they can take time and patience to conquer so it’s very unlikely this is a game you can complete in one night. Feel free to try pull an all nighter though.

The stunning hand drawn art really booms on a HD TV, never once looking disjointed or for that matter stretched. The controls are nicely smoothed out too with the control stick being the only thing you need to glide round the course. Slipping across the floor “Robo” certainly feels mouse like making him easy to use but hard to master. Not shockingly, the Wii U GamePad is left without any real purpose. Apart from using it to navigate the menu and display the amount of cheese left to collect it is made redundant. A cool inclusion could have been to display the map onscreen for those longer levels (either as an option for those who think that would be cheating) or using the touch pad to actually take control of the computer clicker.

Possibly an oversight or genuine attempt to ramp up the pressure on gameplay, there is no pause button. Yes get that unexpected phone call or latest delivery of gaming merchandise and you’ll be forced to flee into a safe spot somewhere onscreen. This or alternately use the Wii U home menu button, although if you are mid-level this is not the easiest to press considering where it’s positioned. Sadly a few deaths may come from this, so if an update is made, I hope they give the R or L button that function therefore saving a lot of hassle.

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Single player outings are my forte, though I felt Robo Mouse felt perfect for co-op, especially with the use of the GamePad you could get some great competition. Music wise you are highly limited nevertheless the futuristic, techno music played throughout is very fitting. No actually in-game sound effects are disappointing though making the experience seem cut-off in that respect as if you are viewing the action through a security camera.

With a steep difficulty curve from instant play, Super Robo Mouse can easily put off players not use to the challenge. No variety of music, mid-game pause function and general lack of sounds is dampening, still with 20 levels across 3 worlds including creative mechanical bosses and the cheap entry point you get a reasonable amount of content. For those that relish on such demanding gameplay, this fits the bill exquisitely.

Rating 7

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