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TRIZEAL Remix is a classic arcade style shooter game but you are in control of a ship that can transform. Released on Steam as part of the Shooting Love 20xx collection. TRIZEAL was originally released back in 2004 to the PS2, Dreamcast and to the arcade. The Steam release includes two player local co-op, Steam achievements, and an unlockable ship that has a different play style. It can transform into 3 different shapes. Each transformation has its own style, and weapons. Each transformation has its strengths and weaknesses. Weapons can be upgraded in the game as well.

The original TRIZEAL was never released in the US. Now that it finally has there doesn’t seem to be anything about it that really screams original. It reminded me of the type of arcade games I used to play when I was kid. While those arcade type shooters were fun at the time but now I have pretty much outgrown them.  The game doesn’t have a lot of content either. It only has about 6 levels and each one gets harder. In the typical style of old school arcade games, when you die you have to start the level all over again.  The screen even has old school arcade style. Displayed in the lower left corner is a picture of the arcade controls. Which would be helpful but you aren’t playing at an arcade. You are playing on your PC. The screen doesn’t display what the PC controls are.

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You have to figure out on your own what buttons you are suppose to press. To avoid that, as soon as the game starts hit the enter key on your keyboard and use the arrow buttons. Use the arrow keys to move through the screens until you see the one that says SETTING PC. It is at that menu you can change the controls to be whatever you want on your PC. This will save you a lot of frustration, time, and confusion. The whole plot of the game isn’t complicated either. You control a ship that can transform in 3 different ways, blast your way through each level, and beat the bosses. I got bored with this game pretty quick. Dying and having to restart from the beginning many times is enough to push me away from any game.

It’s fun for the first 20 minutes but just like any arcade game you eventually get bored. The dated graphics don’t really help things any either. The colors are dull, and there isn’t anything spectacular about the backgrounds. Although it is pretty cool to record your own replays. TRIZEAL Remix does have some replayability. I say some because you will want to keep playing to see if you can beat your previous score if you have the patience to do so. Once you do beat a level the only reason I can see replaying it is to beat your previous score. The difficulty depends on you as a player. If you can keep your focus and keep blasting each wave of enemies the game won’t be difficult. If you get distracted then the game might prove difficult for you.

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What I do like is how user-friendly the game is. Anyone can play it whether you are a kid or an adult. I was hoping that TRIZEAL Remix would be a remix of old and new. There isn’t anything about this game that is updated to current standards today. It’s exactly the same game it was when it was first released in 2004 with a few exceptions such as Steam achievements.

TRIZEAL Remix is up your alley if you love old school arcade games.  For everyone else I am not too sure. I think it would be an acquired taste for everyone else.

Rating 4

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