Void Destroyer 2 Early Access Preview


Void Destroyer 2 is an early access title available on Steam, developed by the one man team from Iteration 11. It is a space sandbox/RTS/combat game in which you set out to build your space empire from nothing.

The look of this game is wonderfully simple. It has a cell shaded theme but provides its own unique spin on this concept. The ships and space debris have an almost minimalist art style whilst still being highly detailed. This makes the game great to look at, and is immediately endearing, and it really brings to life this world that has been created.

The sound track has the same minimalist feel, it rarely draws your focus away from the game itself, but this is to its credit, as the music fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the game. The sound effects fit well also, as it lends real weight to your actions, whether it’s engaging your thrusters or blasting apart ships or space debris.


When you first start your journey in the furthest reaches of space anyone unfamiliar with the genre may feel somewhat daunted, there is a lot of information available to you, however if you stick with the tutorial that you’re being led through you will be able to learn the mechanics of the game with ease. Those familiar with these types of games will feel at home immediately, as this game does rely on the tropes of the genre, however they are tropes for a reason, because they work.

Once the comprehensive tutorial has been completed you’re let loose on the universe, and your path is your own to choose, you can be a space pirate, bounty hunter, a merc, or build your fortune through careful business decisions. The joy of this game is that it is up to you. There is a simple joy from holding a ship up for ransom then scarpering only to do it again to the next ship like a highwayman in the night. However playing a more conservative and ‘legal’ game of creating a business is what will make the hours melt away. The openness of the games universe means that the approach you can take to space business is many levelled. Mining and trading allows a fortune to be amassed quickly if your business strategy is sound, just don’t be tempted to ruin it all by blowing stuff up, no matter how fun it is.

The handling is very solid, flying your ship is highly intuitive, and the ‘over world’ tactical view enables you to not get overwhelmed, and this perspective really brings out the RTS feel of the game. Overall it is a joy to handle.


The main draw for Void Destroyer 2, other than its great aesthetics, gameplay, and openness is its current development position. As it stands within the week of its early access launch, Void Destroyer 2 is a very solid and fun game, but the knowledge that it is only going to get bigger and better the longer it is out and the more people buy it, makes this game a worthy investment of time. The dev is extremely open and active, and this instills great confidence in the ability to bring this game to its true potential.

If you like space, space combat, RTS, management sims, empire building, or just the thought blasting apart an asteroid for the hell of it, then Void Destroyer 2 could be right up your alley. It’s expansive and highly engaging, and even in this early stage it has more than enough content to get your £10.99 worth. This game has a bright future ahead of it and I would recommend giving it a shot.

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