Paladins Early Access Preview

Paladins Early Access Preview

Let me begin by saying that I’ve never played Overwatch. I’ve played most of Blizzard’s titles, but not Overwatch. I decided to give Paladins a try, knowing how often they are compared to one another. This article won’t be about comparing the two, but will solely be based on my experiences in Paladins.

Paladins is free to play, but I got a founder’s pack which unlocks all the champions for me, and gave me 20 chests to start off with. Chests contain card sets and, on the rare occasion, champion skins to pimp out your character. I also get a pretty sweet looking infernal warhorse, which I then consequently forgot to use in my first five games. I think if you’re looking to spend some time in this game, the founder’s pack is pretty good. For one, you can buy 1500 crystals to spend on about 2.5 character skins ($24.99), or you can spend $19.99 and get, what in my mind, is a lot more.

Paladins Early Access Preview

That being said, you can always play this game  without spending money. If you’ve played games such as League of Legends, going the free route probably means grinding quite a bit of points to unlock all the champions, and some skins you’ll never be able to get since they do cost money. But for the most part, you can play just fine.

Did I like the game? Yes. I think it’s fun and since it’s free, it’s not hard to grab a friend or two to jump into games with you. There’s a wide variety of champions to choose from that can match your playstyle. You’ve got your usual DPS, Tanks, and Supports, but they also have Flanks. Flanks usually go around the other team and attack from behind, and that’s absolutely not my playstyle. Stealth is not my forte. I eventually found that I quite liked playing Viktor, who must be the most typical FPS character ever. Maybe that’s why I liked him since I felt so comfortable with his skills.

During the games, since you get matched up with random people, there’s bound to be moments of annoyance when there’s miscommunication or lack of it entirely. That’s probably why between the two game modes currently available, siege games seemed much easier.

Siege is when two teams battle to capture a point at the center of the map. If you successfully capture it, you’ll then have to escort the payload that starts from this center point to near the enemy’s base. Capturing the center gains you a point, and if you successfully bring the payload to the end, you’ll get an additional point. However, if the enemy team captures the center and starts escorting, you can stop it so they don’t get that second point. First team to 4 points win. You can see that there’s still a lot of leeway for an uncommunicative team to make an impact. If you guys aren’t very offensive as a team, you can still use the second part of the game to do a good defence.

Payload is the second gamemode where you start with a payload on your side of the map and you have to escort it all the way to the enemy’s team. That’s the main goal and depending on which team manages to escort the payload furthest, they win. There’s not much room for a lack of teamwork, and as a solo character, you’ll have a hard time if the rest of the team isn’t fully on offensive or defensive mode. It’s also very punishing when you die when the payload is far along its way into the other side of the map.

Paladins Early Access Preview

I really appreciate the amount of customization you can do to your character via the cards system. As you level up, you can obtain chests (or you can buy them in the store) which mostly contains cards. These cards are useful for specific characters and you can build the loadout you feel will help you succeed. Want lower reload times? Or would you rather be speedier? Hopefully you’ve collected the right cards to give you what you want.

I can see this game being really addictive. It’s also less toxic than most of the free online games I’ve played. It has quite a few maps, and a wide variety of champions. I would like to see more game modes in the future, since both modes currently rely on escorting a payload at some point in the game. Perhaps one where it’s capture the flag? I think that’ll really force a team to stick together and it’ll help bring new dynamics into the game. Give it a try! It’s free!

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