LiEat Review


Watching the short trailer video for the LiEat games, I already knew I wanted to play it as I adore my role-playing games. LiEat, which can be downloaded from Steam is a trilogy of short games lasting around one hour each and you follow around a young guy and his pet dragon called Efina solving mysteries and another great thing is there are 10 steam achievements you can earn in each game making it even more enjoyable.

It took me a total of seven hours to complete all three LiEat games and also complete all the achievements for each game. Sometimes I did have to start a new game to do an achievement but as a completionist, I didn’t mind, it was worth it.

So let’s talk about the art style, it was lovely in my opinion, kind of has an anime/visual novel vibe to it and the little sprites that you control are adorable as well. Simple but with the perfect amount of detail when it’s needed. Also, when you progress through the game, you will come across crucial moments where there would be a short animation clip, just to make the game more visually appealing which I really appreciated. If you can’t get enough of the clips and you would want to view it again, once you complete the game your character will be transported to the ending room where you can look back at images and clips you came across in the game and also read more information on the characters in the game.


Next, it’s the storyline. Each game has a unique one that focuses on a different town and a new so-called ‘villian’ or ‘evil person’. They do still link in a way with mentions of previous characters but that’s how far it goes really. I enjoyed the story for each of the games, you knew what you had to do to progress further into the game and if you dislike games with text and story then I don’t think these games are for you as there is reading involved. Although these were short games, I did feel like I found out more about their individual lives as you continue playing which was really nice.

The game controls were really easy to grasp, to move your character you just need to use the arrow keys and if you want to open the menu or save/load your game, just press the ESC button or the X button. To interact with objects and people in the game, just move up to it and press enter and it’s the same with the battle phase, just move with the arrow keys to choose your attack and hit enter.


I enjoyed the music within the game, even during the menu screen when you choose which game you wanted to play, the music was very mesmerising and each time something happens within the game, and the music starts to get more sinister or intense, you know stuff is going to go down. After completing each game you can listen back to your favourite music tracks using the music box and you can change the speed faster or slower to hear the song in a completely different style. Worth giving it a shot to see what you can come up with.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed playing these games, if there were more games in this series I know I would play them without giving it a second thought. If you want to try out a different style of game such as RPG’s then LiEat would be a nice stepping stone to start on before jumping into other much longer games. If you’re interested have a look at Steam and give it a go!

Rating 10

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