Rad Rogers: World One Review

Rad Rogers Squirrels

Welcome to Rad Rogers World One: a game that is known for two main cock sparrow characters, Rad Rogers and his cocky companion, Dusty! Adding comedic Rick and Morty and Adult Swim type humor, brazened in its dialogue; nonetheless, contributes towards a targeted adult audience familiar with this kind of humor. Once upon a time, Rad Rogers lacked the preemptive knowledge of basic dental hygiene because of his childhood addiction to video games. His mom became inordinately watchful over his every last movement within the night. Now, on a bright new day, came to life as Rad was brought into a vortex of indisputable concordance against his mother’s will. Espied as a cheap joke in a mockingly tenacious tone kept close to him, now, many more obstacles await our young adventures. Will their wits grant them a pass in the starting forest lands yonder the pavement of squirrel-esque territory or will they fail to dominate their foes?

All levels are orchestrated by a pertinently defined pattern of resilience in transversing the elasticity of the Pixelverse. That is, the pattern is likened towards an external process that occurs level to level. This particular procedure purports itself through the utilization of careful and thorough exploration in finding secret areas, power-ups towards our starting gun we are given, green gems ( One hundred gems are needed to gain an extra life), tree posts or secret openings that allow us to talk to these rather strange creatures that speak human, offering us rewards and four pieces to form a key to unlock the final exit area. All of these contribute towards the overall game design. One notable feature is used from classic run-and-gun games such as Bionic Commando, Contra, and Gunstar Heroes.

Rad Rogers World One Wheel

The ability to climb across bars while avoiding, not touching the ground, makes the game more challenging ( i.e. There is one section in which going across a bridge results in squirrel-like enemies attacking us from both sides). Power-ups range from rapid-fire, bomb barrage, phoenix cannon, and laser blade. The laser blade power-up and rapid fire are among two of the most powerful power-ups in the entire game. The rapid fire feels overpowered; I play Killing Floor 2 at least near once to twice a week now; it has the same smooth movement of projectiles as a level twenty-five max level swat in Killing Floor 2 showing no mercy to enemies above, beneath, and down under.

The soundtrack is a mix of Bionic Commando, Mega Man, and post-grunge rock synths normally used in guitar solo’s with bands such as 3 Doors Down and Daughtry. Although I could be wrong, I would go so far even to say that the composer of the entire musical score used something similar to electric Gibson guitars. The rest is a keyboard type synth mixed electronically. Graphics are top-notch using the Unreal Engine 4, advancing Rad Rogers to have intensive, immersive scales of colors across the color palette. Unlike other modern platformers in its genre, shadows show up much less frequently. Instead, bright colors illuminate across every pixel that is accounted for in the game design.

Rad Rogers World One Gem Platform Jumping

The user interface on the main menu is simple enough yet elusive toward isolating all of its elements. More specifically, it gives a game overview through the help tab which becomes very useful in telling us all the basic information we need to know. Normally, these items were included in-game manuals. However, today, this is rare and has become a feature of the past. Also, through the main menu, they have a limited boxed version of the game with a guide, mouse pad, an official poster, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System USB cartridge, digital artbook, and a digital soundtrack. The replayability is found in exploring all of the secret areas, easter eggs, collecting all the gems, and beating the time it took you to finish all levels.

Rad Rogers World One is a mature platformer marketed toward adults specifically that want to relive the dying run-and-gun style side-scroller platformers of yesteryear while experiencing modern-day graphics with a new plot, mechanics, enemies, and incredibly detailed Unreal Engine 4 graphics. However, Rad Rogers is not only a game you can play as an adult that can appreciate awkward and sometimes, melodramatic humor, but also, a game children can play with options to remove swearing and intensive gore. Now, let us briefly discuss the content rating. Content is meant to be satirical in nature and in no way a reposition of earnestness. Rather, all the dialogue is a repository of cliché, communiqué statements. The gore is satisfying, but will be too much for younger audiences; use your own discretion in determining this if you have children.

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