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Where has Diablo II gone all these years into the thick, trudging wilderness of forests? I started to think that Diablo was too complex and too time-consuming of a game for many working denizens on American soil. However, what if we add a zombie apocalypse in replacing the demons and instead of going through the gates of Hell, we go through open environments that remain begrudgingly open in contrast to those closed off? Zombasite is a name that includes the words zombie and parasite. It uses the same basic user interface of Diablo II, similar classes, and a similar user interfaces graphics scheme, but different random worlds, a clan party system, and useful statistics to help you along. It holds your hand more than Diablo II, in which, you are forced to learn everything about the game on your own compared to Zombasite that teaches you upfront.

I will be honest with all of you here. When I first launched Zombasite, I thought it would be similar to MediEvil on the original PlayStation. However, I am very surprised to see that the game has the complexity of Diablo II; it has good graphics comparable to a mixture of Wasteland 2 and Diablo II together. When entering Zombasite for the first time, you are overloaded with practical and accommodating intimations, tips, strategies, hints, numerical quantitative data, and extremely thorough descriptions behind every strong concept, facet you will need to learn to gain mastery over it. It is not one of those games that you play when you want to relax. You have to be very alert, agile and have quick reflexes to guarantee a win. Wins across your specified region area are not tied down to how many zombies nor normal enemies you clear. Instead, there are a variety of ways in which you can win.


These wins and losses can be found in the help section ‘context sensitive’ tab. They are divided into categories as such: military win, diplomatic win, logistics win, and adventurer win. A military win is when you have eliminated all other clans in your area. A clan is a group of followers, rather a band of followers that have one first leader. To survive, you must scavenge for food, check your happiness levels of your character and clan, morale, and see the relationship status between different group members. Personalities and character characteristics are an added bonus but not as important. This feature only gives a more authentic ‘ true to life’ experience that many gamers will be searching for to increase the height of authenticity.

While the presentation’s summation can be broken down to include all these other elements I have talked about, the central presentation is found in the convenient large text user interface combined with the depth of character traits, personalities, ailments, sickness, and death. Many of the enemies you encounter will give off certain ailments dependant upon the class you chose at the beginning of character creation. You have the choice between warrior, rogue, priest, wizard, ranger, conjurer, demon hunter, death knight, and also a hybrid class. The graphics are not the most promising as the developer follows an older pattern of textures and cell-shading. The graphics seem as if the game should have released between 1999-2002. I know that Game Informer would agree with me, by modern standards, Zombasites’ graphics are a downgrade, but it makes it up with its incredibly detailed modifiers which create the climax adding fear, suspense, and a suspension of disbelief element toward surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Some modifications are programmed for your character to lose health, others, to increase experience points, bonuses, and character attributes. The difficulties are diverse in relation to character level. Luckily, we are fortunate enough to tailor the game to how we want to play. This means that monster levels can be either higher or lower in the creation of our first world than our main character. Moreover, it is all of our choice to make. Difficulties are normal, champion( level 23), Elite ( level 50), Legendary( level 75), and ultimate ( level 100). Armor rarities are broken down into different tiers, normal; common ( green), rare ( yellow), set ( blue), elite ( green), artifacts( purple), and legendary ( dark blue). The difference that separates this rarity is normally made by one extra magical enchantment of some sort or kind.

Zombasite is an eminently immersive, mesmerizing game built from an old-school foundation of the action role-playing games that game magazine’s covered back in the golden( early years) of computer action role-playing games and also games by Blizzard Entertainment known for advanced quick-slots equipped to a taskbar, a sidebar, or whatever else you choose to call it. This game is worth your time if and only if you have considerably applicable time to devote towards it; otherwise, look elsewhere.

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