Industry Manager: Future Technologies Review

Industry Manager: Future Technologies - PC Game Review

Industry Manage: Future Technologies is a simulation game similar to that of Sim City; you aim is build a workable world where people have: jobs, homes, and are happy. Just like any simulation game that will have played before where you can build whatever you want and pretty much do whatever you want. There are a number of things that can be built in this world and it is entirely up to you as the player of the game to come up with whatever world you want to control; who knows you might want to build your own utopia.

To start off you can follow the tutorial which will explain the ins and outs of the game; starting with acknowledging the world you are about to enter by looking at what you have to work with then it goes into a lot of detail in regards to how you can produce resources from various businesses/organisations. The game also teaches the player how to build the buildings that can make the world your own and to top it off it goes into to detail of the stock/trading system they have which can be very useful to gain more in-game currency which you will of course need a lot of if you want to build a sustainable world. The other option is to just play the game in general where you get a few objectives but you can still do whatever you wish to do and it can be good to be given the chance to build whatever you want.

Industry Manager: Future Technologies - PC Game Review

There’s probably one thing that I would say is unique to this game which is the stock/trading system they have as I do not recall seeing that kind of system being used these kinds of simulation games; overall, it just gives you a little something more to play with. The other feature of the game is that there is an AI component which is a competitor to yourself and the two of you with be able to find out who is better in terms of making their world a great one; unfortunately, the AI is not great so it can be too easy to beat them but it is something fun to the game anyway.

The controls are very straight forward because you can entirely rely on the mouse by just clicking on anything whether that is place a building or even manipulating the quantity/price of something like a resource. There is the option to use the keyboard and this mainly useful for when you are manipulating the quantity/price of something as it can become tedious using the mouse to perform the same action.

Industry Manager: Future Technologies - PC Game Review

Overall, the game is good; the positives are that the game does not restrain you to the objectives so you can do whatever you like (unless you are in the tutorial where it pretty much forces you to do the objectives before you move on), the tutorial is very useful because it explains pretty much everything you need to know and it can be quite fun to just do whatever you want whether that is building or messing around with the different resources & stock market. The downsides are probably the little things like low-end graphics, repetitive soundtrack and a few bugs here and there as it can make a game feel dull even if it is not a dull game – the other downside is knowing that the AI competitor is not as good as you would expect so you kind of have to deal with it being like that.

If I was to improve the game, then what I would do is just add a little more to the game where you could improve the lives of your people in a similar way to the Rollercoaster simulator games where you get various options that will improve the mood of your people – the last thing which is incredibly important is to make sure the AI is good because it can go a long way when it works well; when these things are improved then the game will be great because it does have a lot of potential to become its own known series of games.


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