Amnesia: Memories Review

Amnesia: Memories PC Game Review

Excited was an understatement when I found out Amnesia has released a game which is available to purchase on Steam! I have seen the anime version of this game and I would recommend it to both guys and girls if they like the romantic but mysterious kind of genre. Amnesia: Memories is a visual novel game where you play as the Heroine who has lost her memories, and the game involves the characters from the anime. You have the choice of choosing your own romantic path from the beginning so you can start piecing together the memories that was forgotten.

Visual novels are nice to play, especially if you fancy a game with a spot of reading, but you must have the time to spare as there can be a lot of reading involved before the game progresses. As there are five guys to choose from it was a tough decision for me to choose who I wanted as my love interest, as you know, they all look good and have their own unique traits. In the end I started with the Spade world as I was planning on playing through each of the world’s anyway. You can change the Heroine’s name to yours if you wanted to and throughout the game you will choose choices that will affect the storyline to your game so make sure to choose wisely.

Amnesia: Memories PC Game Review

There are mini-games like Air Hockey and Rock, Paper, Scissors which makes the game a lot more entertaining and interactive so you don’t just read text the entire game. Winning a mini-game will help you progress through the story and helps increase your relationship with your future love and friends. Comparing to other visual novel type games, I really like that the game included these little mini games as it make me more involved with the story. There are also voiced images which can be unlocked the more you play and the best things about these images? Depending on where you tap on the image, it will play a dialogue of feelings that the love interest could not previously express in the story.

The graphics are nice, I really love the anime style games and because this has its own anime series, the art style is very alike. The voice of the characters matches the animation smoothly which is nice and makes you more drawn in with the gameplay. The music is lovely, especially when you first start the game, there is a music video that really sucks you into the story. It’s nice to have a visual novel that actually has voice actors with the text as it feels like they are actually talking to you! However, they do speak in Japanese so unless you know how to speak Japanese you would still have to read the text unfortunately.

Amnesia: Memories PC Game Review

The controls are pretty much just clicks with your mouse as it is a visual novel and a few extra buttons when you play the mini-games. The storyline I enjoyed a lot and it will be different for everyone as it’s a game that changes based on your decisions. I don’t want to spoil it but I was quite happy with the choices that I did, but for the other world’s I would try and get a different ending.

Overall, I am a fan but I guess it’s pretty one-sided as I have seen the anime so I was already in love with the guy characters. If you do get a chance to give this game a go, or you’ve never played a visual novel then Amnesia would be a good place to start. Your love life is once again in your hands.

Rating 10

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