Elements: Epic Heroes Review

Elements: Epic Heroes - PC Game Review

Elements: Epic Heroes is game about a group of heroes that come together to fight against evil and while attempting to complete that task they will come across many heroes that are willing to help them complete their mission. In a world filled with knights and magic where the world is what the heroes make of it; whether that is doing their best to defeat the evil in the world or collect as much gold as possible to buy whatever they can.

The game starts off where you are just one character who can see someone has died and when you walk up to them they tell you to take their weapon; you are then told where to go which is a couple of steps forward and you are met with a couple of enemies attacking one person so you save that person and they join you. You end up finding another person who joins you then you make your way through the forest and end up getting killed by a giant/troll; you and the other two characters are resurrected by a wizard/mage who tells you to find him. When you are in the “safe zone” you meet the various NPCs in the game whether that’s the wizard/mage, blacksmith, jeweller or whoever else; more NPCs appear there as you find them throughout the game. After learning the basics of the game you can continue to enter the world where you will go through various lands fighting against the different enemies; at a certain point you are faced with a giant/troll and this time you are actually able to defeat it.

Elements: Epic Heroes - PC Game Review

In terms of features there are quite a lot of them; the level-up system is automated so there are no skill points nor choosing the powers that you want to use, there are things that are similar to mini-quests where upon completion you can go to the “safe zone” to collect a reward, shops where you can buy an assortment of items whether that is weapons or accessories.

The controls are very simple because you can just use the left-click of the mouse and it can be used for movement, powers, attacks and dialogue so there is no need to for any other input – there is the option to use a couple of the keys on the keyboard but it is just as fast to only use the left-click on the mouse. It certainly plays the same as its mobile-version so it makes sense as to why the controls are so simple otherwise it would be harder to the play the game on a phone/tablet.

Elements: Epic Heroes - PC Game Review

Overall, Elements: Epic Heroes is average – the upsides are; the graphics are nice and simple in terms of colouring & detail, the music changes depending on the situation that you may find yourself in, the quests are very straight forward and the controls are easy. The downsides are; the lack of understanding in regards to the storyline itself as it makes me feel like I have missed something but I am certain that I have not, the game becomes repetitive after around ten minutes because all you seem to have to do is fight your way through enemies and lastly, the lack of customisation in terms of levelling-up your character. The way to improve this game would be to add in some variation when it comes to the quests, make it harder to move through the maps by adding in some traps or something that will create a delay and the last thing is that there could be some customisation when it comes to levelling-up the characters; make it so the player gets a choice as to what abilities/powers they can use instead of have set ones that unlock at certain levels.

Rating 5

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