The Little Acre Review


Developed by Pewter Games Studio The Little Acre is a point-and-click adventure game. Aidan’s father has disappeared. While searching for clues as to what happened to him he ends up traveling to a new world. His daughter Lily ends up in the new world as well while searching for Aidan. It is up to Aidan and Lily to solve this mystery. The Little Acre is set in 1950s Ireland and is released to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. It is up to you as the player to guide both Lily and Aidan on their quests.

When you first start the game you see Aidan’s father being transported to a new world. The action starts when Aidan gets up in the morning and you have to help him gather his clothes while not leaving his bed. Once you help Aidan get changed you then have to help him get water for his daughter’s breakfast. You have to explore the environment around you, gather what you find, and use what you gather to complete the task. What makes it easier is that not everything is clickable. Only certain items in each environment can be clicked on.

One task was to get water for Lily’s breakfast. First, you have to find the water pump. Then once you find it the handle breaks. You must then figure out a way to get the pump to work again. If you use the wrong item in any task Aidan will tell you. Some of the tasks may seem simple but it isn’t always obvious how to solve it or what needed to be done. That is where the notes menu came in handy. The notes menu tells you what your next task is and a hint if you get stuck on how to complete it. Once you complete some tasks as Aidan you will switch and play as Lily.


Once you start playing as Lily it is easy to see that these two have different ways of doing things. You also get a new set of tasks to complete. Lily is more adventurous, and less cautious than her dad. She is also more creative and just dives right into things. Once she discovers that Aidan is gone Lily sets out on an adventure of her own to find him.That is what really sets this game apart from most in its genre. You get to see the story play out from two different perspectives. Hearing the voices of both characters throughout the game adds to the experience.

I just loved the whole artistic style of this game. All the visuals are hand-drawn and full of whimsy. Yet at the same time, The Little Acre doesn’t take itself too seriously. You also get two different visual styles in one game. On the one hand, the characters have a cartoony look to them but the backgrounds do not. These visuals remind you of the good old days of hand-drawn animated feature films. Making this game perfect for Parents and kids alike to play. Everything is pretty much straightforward with no need for a tutorial. There is also no objectionable content such as gore or violence.


There aren’t any game modes or replayability in the game. Since it is a story driven game once you see how the story ends there is no need to go back and replay it. I prefer story driven games anyways so not having a lot of replayability didn’t bother me.  The only controls you need is your mouse. I am not a fan of complicated controls either. The difficulty level is set so that anyone can sit down, play the game, and enjoy the story. I also loved that you can complete this game in one day.

I really adored The Little Acre. It wasn’t too hard or difficult to play, and everything revolved around the story. I was so engrossed in the story that I couldn’t stop playing until I knew how it ended. I loved the whole visual style of the game, the controls weren’t complicated, and it didn’t take months on end to complete. The Little Acre has a lot of charm, personality, and is enjoyable. I would love to see Aidan and Lily go on more adventures.

Rating 9

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