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Watching the trailer video for Tyto Ecology on Steam, it reminded me of games involving zoos where you have to look after animals and make sure they are looked after. But once I started playing the game you can see there is an educational aspect to the game, where you learn about producers (plants), consumers (animals) and decomposers (insects) and how they all depend on the right balance of each other to survive.

So to begin your biodome creating journey you can choose from three different types of ecosystems for your biodome; the desert, the rainforest or the grasslands. Each ecosystem have different plants, animals and insects so make sure to click on each one and choose the one that fits you the most. I decided to go with the grasslands biome, as I wanted to fill my biodome with rabbits and bobcats. Also, each ecosystem have different difficulty ratings and grasslands was the easiest to begin with.

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You will be guided through the creation of your biodome by a flying robot owl who will take you step by step in creating your perfect paradise. I suggest having quite a good running laptop or computer as my laptop was struggling to handle the graphics and textures of my biome so I had to turn the settings down to low which did not look very nice and I didn’t enjoy my gaming experience as much as I wanted to.

The controls are quite easy to understand and I would recommend using a mouse when playing this game as you can use the scroller to zoom in and out. To move around, use the W, A, S, D keys and to elevate up and down use the Q and E keys. You can also look around by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen and it would automatically move to accommodate your movements. Press the ESC key to open up the settings so you can change your graphics and sounds if you need to.

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When I watched the video for Tyto Ecology the graphics were nice and looked quite life-like as they were in 3D, but since my quality was on low I could not see these beautiful graphics. The music was good, it was simple and upbeat and somewhat therapeutic for these type of simulation games.

There is quite a lot that can be done in Tyto Ecology so make sure to try out all three of the biomes and create the perfect living space for your animals to live in. The game is available to purchase in the Steam store so if you feel like you want a brain challenging simulation game, Tyto Ecology needs you in control.

Rating 5

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