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After playing hundreds and hundreds of video games, it isn’t surprising that it can become difficult to find a game that doesn’t look or play exactly like another one. Then in rolls The Behemoth with Pit People, a turn-based adventure game that is different from anything I’ve ever played before. Previously known as Game 4, Pit People pits parties of people (see what I did there? Yea, I hate me too) against one another in tiled arenas where they will take turns moving and attacking each other. Beyond the game’s gameplay being unique, the game uses art that only The Behemoth could provide matched with humor that makes the most out of absolutely insane situations.

Starting with the goofy art style of the game, nearly every aspect of Pit People is hilarious. Whether it is one of the game’s crazy weapons or areas, players can be sure there will always be something funny waiting for them around every corner. Possibly the funniest part about Pit People has to be the characters and their head-trip of an adventure. Despite not actually speaking, all the characters found in the game use a Sim-like language (that luckily has subtitles) to make even the most serious situation completely silly. There is one speaking character however, known as the Narrator. The Narrator has a wonderful voice and effortlessly becomes one of the funniest forces in recent indie games as he attempts to tell the story of our protagonist, Horatio.

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Since the story in the Game Preview build is so short, I won’t go into any detail about the story mode but I will say that Horatio is a wonderful hero that perfectly fits the role he is forced into. Also since the story is so short, it is really difficult to guess where it will go in the final version and what kind of craziness everyone will get into. For anyone that doesn’t know, all of The Behemoth’s games have separate stories that (seemingly) don’t tie into one another. This sort of separation from the other games allows the game to try new gameplay elements and mechanics that the other games don’t use.

Unlike the previous three games, Pit People uses turn-based combat on a tiled board that has players carefully maneuver various unit types to maximize their usefulness. This kind of moving and attacking can become rather complex and very hard to plan out ahead of time. Luckily the actual gameplay is intuitive and easy to pick up, meaning players can easily show others the game without taking a long time to explain the controls or their repercussions. Another part of the gameplay that should be mentioned is party building and management. Players will ‘recruit’ other units throughout their adventure and will have to decide which units to bring and what equipment to give those units.

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The most wonderful part about all of this gameplay is that it smoothly works in local co-op multiplayer. This means that I can play with or without my fiancé with ease. I have a sweet spot for games and game elements that makes playing games easier and more accessible. So when I noticed that everything in Pit People is designed to work with one or two players, I couldn’t help but grin. Between party organization, driving around the map, and the shops in the city, two players can access what they need with ease. These shops have recruits and equipment for sale if a player has managed to collect enough gold to buy any of it. This gold is earned out on the world map, either from small trails of gold, random encounters, or even side quests. All of this is found on the world map, with roaming bandits, healing cupcakes, and a few nightmare creatures.

In my opinion The Behemoth has done it again with Pit People, providing a unique experience that I can see myself playing for several hours in the (hopefully near) future. Even if I can’t say exactly what the game will hold when it fully releases, I can say that it looks promising. The writing found in the game is hilarious and kept me laughing from beginning to end. Pit People’s new type of gameplay feels fresh and exciting since players won’t know exactly what to expect. All of this is wrapped up neatly by a Narrator that you love to hate because he is as much of a monster as anything you’ll run into during your adventure.

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