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From time to time I love brain teasers. Questions that make you think, pictures that don’t make sense and riddles that have obvious answers if you think about it the right way. Optical illusions are some of my favorite brain teasers.  Anytime I see one of those test your brain puzzles or quizzes I jump right on it. Test Your Mind is one of the games that is supposed to be brain teasers and illusions. Though usually I enjoy a game like this, I wasn’t feeling it.

There are three different quizzes. The first one is supposed to be the easiest, the second one a bit more difficult, and the last one is challenging. Theres a set of eight problems in each quiz. At the end of you answering the questions you will get a grade. It seems like the grade goes off of how many times it took you to get the question right and whether or not you skipped any questions. Depending on how quickly you go through the questions the game might only take you half an hour to play through. I went through the first level a few times and the questions changed slightly. Most of the questions remained the same.

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There is also a multiplayer which was absolutely confusing at first. Its called Memory Wars. You can use the Wii U gamepad and a pro controller for the multiplayer. In the multiplayer you don’t just answer questions and solve puzzles or look at illusions. In fact you do one of that. The multiplayer is for only two people. As the name suggests it’s a memory game. Each player uses the face buttons to make a sequence of four buttons and the other player must memorize it. You both input buttons at the same time and enter your answers at the same time. There is a timer.

The multiplayer is hard, and after one round I didn’t want to pick it up again, and neither did the person who played it with me. The game wants you to memorize a twenty button sequence. I honestly don’t know anyone that could do that. So, the multiplayer was definitely a let down. I was hoping I could finally say I was smarter than my fiancé. Though it was ridiculous and difficult I managed to win. I think the scoring for multiplayer goes off of how many buttons you get right all together. Not 100% sure.

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Even though I wasn’t a fan of the actual game or the multiplayer the game does look and sound nice. The sound track is very mellow and calm. So it does fit with what the game is supposed to be. Looking at the game it is very crisp and fresh with some fun colors. I like that the main screen looks like a board you would find at a school. Overall the look and sound do set the feel and mood of the game quite well. I would say that the audience this appeals to more is probably the young adult age range. Some of the puzzles in the higher difficulty set of questions do require some thinking.

All in all I was not impressed with the game in the least bit. The handful of times I retried the first set of eight questions all but two were different, and they were still the same question except with one or two different words in the sentence. The multiplayer was disappointing as it was not like the main game. I would have loved to of had more riddles or actual puzzles in the game. This game could possibly benefit from having more illusions.

Bonus Stage Rating - Poor 3/10

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