Mordheim: City of the Damned Witch Hunters Review

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Mordheim. Once a prosperous city in the Empire from Games Workshops’ Warhammer universe, it was devastated by a meteor made of a magical substance called wyrdstone. Among these ruins lurk the insidious Skaven, worshipers of the Chaos gods, and religious zealots. Fame, glory and power can be won in Mordheim, one just has to survive.

After a flawed release, Mordheim: City of the Damned has seen marked improvements as the development team tweaks and polishes the game. Find our review of the base game here. The Witch Hunters DLC was the first Warband DLC pack released, as part of the ongoing development of the game.

The Witch Hunters DLC adds a whole new Warband to the game, featuring seven new units. In the background lore, the Witch Hunters scour the land known as the Empire uprooting evil wherever they find it. Devoted worshipers of Sigmar, they arrive at Mordheim to cleanse the city.

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First up in the Warband is the Witch Hunter Captain, the leader of the group. Making a change from the Captains of the other Human crews, he’s not a heavy hitter, better suited to ranged attacks and manoeuvrability. If he gets caught in a fight, he’s quite soft and fragile. During my review play though, my Captain lost his arm!

Backing him up are a selection of heroes, each with different roles. There are Witch Hunter heroes, almost apprentice versions of the Captain. They fill a similar role, but are generally not quite as good. Providing a bit of tank support are the Templar Knights and Warrior Priests. The Knights are good for soaking up damage and tying enemies up, leaving the rest of the Warband free to loot and gather wyrdstone. The Warrior Priests of Sigmar, provide magical support, in the form of blessing from their god that buff friendly units. Finally, there is the Executioner. And elite hero, the Executioner provides a hefty punch to the Warband, able to deal massive amounts of damage.

The core of the Warband are made up of religious zealots and flagellants. The zealots are disposed men of the Empire, pledging their lives to Sigmar. While not as tough as the core in some other factions, they have the ability to buff themselves as they take damage. The flagellants, crazed men who believe the end of days has come, are something of a glass cannon. Unable to equip armour or shields, they are risky to throw into a fight. However, in their insanity, they are immune to the many fear and morale effects found in Mordheim.

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Each faction in Mordheim has its own campaign, and the Witch Hunters is no different. A new eight mission campaign is available to play, telling a new chapter in Mordheim’s story. This adds great replay value to the game.

The only drawback to this DLC pack is a lack of customisation options for the Witch Hunters. There are very few options to make your Warband stand out from the crowd, with the most extensive customisation being the colour palette. Even then, it is variations of black, red and white. This is a bit disappointing, as the other Warbands seem to have a lot more options. Otherwise, The Witch Hunters DLC is a great addition to the Mordheim roster, and provides great value for money.

Rating 7
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