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Last Wings, developed by Vertice, is one of those games that we come across every once in a while where the thumbnail of the game looks great and then when the game loads up you immediately lose interest. It is just rather beige. The game is boring, which is not something I use to describe video games lightly. I like to think there is a little spark in every game, but I am at a loss to find it in this one.

The basic gist of the game, which means the only gist because this game is basic, period, is that you fly around and shoot down other planes. This would be fun if the gameplay modes were fun, but they are not. There is not enough variety to make this game entertaining. It is the kind of game that you would buy to play against your friends one time, and you would play it for maybe two games and then just start another game up instead. When it comes to the different modes, the only thing that changes is the objective. There is nothing added in or taken away to spice up the experience, which is nothing short of lame. The different modes are: score attack, which is essentially a free for all; team fight, you get split in to teams and whoever takes down the most planes wins; team fight rounds, basically an elimination game, where each plane has one life and once you die, you have to wait til the next round; and base attack, where you just have to destroy the enemy base.

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The game is visually lacking, but when it comes down to it, I would not say that the game looked bad. The colours work great together and, while there is nothing that makes me want to stop and stare at the graphics, some games just do not focus on the visuals and that is just something I understand. As the game in a 2D one, it obviously lacks depth, so what you see is what you get.

The one thing that I was really against was the audio. Where is the battle music? I want to hear a dramatic swelling of an orchestra when I close in on the enemies, I want to hear a glorious crashing of symbols when I shoot a plane down, but honestly, I would have just been happy with some boppy music. But there is nothing! The only thing you get is the sounds of gunshots and engines. Minimalism works for some games, but I did not like it in this one. For me, audio can make or break a game, and Last Wings was categorised in to the latter.

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The controls are easy to use, so no complaints from me there. When I started playing, Last Wings was not necessarily bad, it is just that as soon as I played all the modes, there was nothing that kept me invested in it. The game is already deleted from my PlayStation 4. It is the sort of game that I would download for my 10-year-old sister to play.

I just feel like there was wasted potential, there are times where I was playing that I was thinking to myself ‘it would be more fun if they added this in’, so I have no doubts that the developers had the same thoughts too, but just did not add them in. I do not know why, because it feels obvious to me that this game could be better if they just made a few changes. If they made a second one that just had more to do, I would not hesitate to give it a go. But for now, this game is not worth your time.

Bonus Stage Rating - Poor 3/10


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