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We all know the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Girl sees rabbit, she follows rabbit to a hole. She then falls in, and is brought to a new land. A strange land where everything is so different. As she pursues the white rabbit, she faces many obstacles. She eats strange things, and there is even a drug reference in there! Now you can read the book on your Wii U game pad. This isn’t really game, it’s a storybook right at the tip of your fingers. It’s actually really nice. My kids loved “playing” this with me. One of my favorite things about this “game” was that my kids could operate it with ease.

Since this game is a story book it’s more geared towards the younger audiences. Like I mentioned before my kids loved this game. It is a great way to spend time together as a family as well. The book is family friendly and it definitely keeps the kids attention. It was something nice to read to calm the kids down before bed. We used it as a way to get lots of cuddles from the kiddos. It worked out so well. It was also easy to keep their attention on the book.

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Not only is the book somewhat cartoony, it’s also bright and uses real photos for most of the backgrounds. The result is just beautiful. The images really captured my children’s eye. Some of the cartoons images move slightly. Others are just still. The photos that are used as the background are very clever. They took an image, grabbed their cartoon character and drew them with the background image in mind. I enjoyed how crisp and clear all the images were. The slight movement from some of the characters was also a nice touch. The images combined with the sound really gave the book a new feel.

What’s the one thing about reading a paper copy of a book that sucks? Having to read it of course! Nah, not really. I don’t mind having to read a book myself. It is nice to be able to have a book read to me though. Yea, I may be what one would call an adult but, come on. We all still have a little bit of kid on the inside. I can not tell you how excited I got when I began to play the book. It started to read itself to me! The characters have different voices, and it’s actually really well read. The voices are clear, and can be heard perfectly over the background music. There is also sound effects in parts of the book.

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So the narrating and voice overs are all actually optional. Which is a nice feature. Say you were involved in something and your kid (who can read) wanted to play the book. You can just go turn off the narrator and then BAM! It’s quiet, your kid is quiet. Operation is really quite simple in this book. You just click to change the page, and you can’t change the page until the narrator is done reading! So, if the narrator is on, no accidental turning of the page. When each chapter finishes up it goes back to the main menu where there is a chapter select. The chapters are numbered and they also have pictures of what may be going on in the chapter.

Even though this wasnt a game I could play. It was a nice change in pace as it was something I could do with my family. My kids enjoyed the book reading itself, while also enjoying the colorful cartoons. I enjoyed the family time and the peace and quiet time.

Rating 5

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