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Monster Loves You! is a cute little game, catered towards a younger audience who want to pick their future through an interactive story. It is interesting and charming, but the game, which was developed by Dejobaan Games is not one that would have a great appeal to adults looking for a game based on decisions, not when there are the Telltale games or perhaps Until Dawn. But, it would be a great game to get for your little ones.

The game is an interactive novel where you guide the monsterling’s life, from birth to the different endings. Multiple endings means a couple of playthroughs, and I think replayability is important for games these days. When it comes to spending, say, £50 on a game, I better be able to play it every day for at least two weeks and still get a lot of joy out of it. This game is no where near £50, so it already has my attention. I will say that while the games choices can have some charming results, the game can get mildly repetitive, but should not affect younger gamers who may not have had as many gaming experiences. It teaches great lessons as well, teaching that actions have consequences and makes it into a bit of fun for the budding gamer.

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The game starts with you being able to choose your monsterlings appearance through some decision making. From there, you begin to shape your monsterlings attributes, such as kindness, bravery and respect. The choices you make add to these attributes and will impact your game ending. You can go the whole game being a mean bully, and your ending will definitely showcase that, or you could go the whole game being a kind monster, which the game will reward with an ending that will give you the fuzzy feels.

The game gives you more responsibility as your monsterling grows, starting with some light-hearted choices to some weighty ones at the end that will make you pause for thought. Once your monsterling reaches adult life and starts to interact with humans, the enemy of the monsterlings, you can make choices like fighting against the humans or making peace with them. All of these choices reflect lessons you learn in life, which is why I really do recommend this game for younger children. It is the kind of novel you would read where it ends with ‘and the moral of the story is…’, and can really help you explore different ways of teaching responsibility to children.

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The game is nice to look at, and it is some light-hearted fun. I do not think the adult gamer would be interested in playing this through multiple times, let alone buying it for their own use, but I think a child would appreciate the game. The game does not take long to complete at all, weighing in at between 30-45 minutes. I think allowing a child to play this in the evening a few times, until they have explored every ending would be a nice reward after homework or just something that might allow them, and you, to unwind after a busy day.

Monster Loves You! is very similar to a children’s novel, it is just an interactive version. It provides the charm you would find in a children’s story, but also teaches necessary life lessons. If you are an adult, looking for an interactive story fix, I absolutely recommend you look elsewhere, because you will breeze through this one, even if you decide to do multiple endings. But when it comes to a younger gaming, I think they would appreciate and enjoy this game, and the multiple endings are an even bigger reward.


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