Four Sided Fantasy Review

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This game revolves around a man and a woman trying to find each other as they make their way through the four seasons but is always separated by the limits of the screen. Developed by Ludo Land, the game will test your brain and timing as you use the screen wrap mechanic to break free of the prisons of the screen.

There is not a proper story line that starts when you begin the game, however you play as a woman in this platformer game and when press a button to freeze the screen this allows you to wrap your character around to the other side of the screen which in turn changes your player to a boy. Explore and venture further into the fantasy world as the seasons change, giving you more aesthetically pleasing backgrounds to play through. It’s pretty cool how they used the fuzzy-ness of old television screens when you are trying to search for a readable channel on the title screen and when you press the Esc key to leave the game or change the settings it turns black and white which is an interesting touch for the video game.

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The controls are simple and quick to master as you use the keys W, A, S and D to move your character and then the shift key to wrap the screen and that is pretty much all you need to know. The visuals are beautifully created, kind of like the art style you would see in fairy tales and cartoons. The colours used matches well with each of the seasons that you travel through in the game, for example; the background is full of orange and brown colours during the autumn season whilst in spring the cherry blossoms are a lovely pastel pink hue.


The music is very dreamy-like (if that is even a thing), so very relaxing and peaceful and Four Sided Fantasy is a nice game to play if you want to just chill and enjoy the view. The aim of the game is to complete puzzles by using the special wrap function to change to the opposite side. An explanation of this would be if you used the wrap function and dropped off the ledge down the screen you will end up falling from the top of the screen so you will have to think your moves through to progress through the game. As you continue through, additional rules and boundaries are introduced causing the player to adapt to these changes if they want to move on.

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On some of the levels, I did get a bit lost on how to progress as I tried the screen wrap but I just could not make it through to the other side and that disheartened me a little. Nevertheless I kept trying and eventually I got passed it (Yipee!), usually if I keep dying or I just cannot get through something I would give up, but I really wanted to try and progress through all the seasons and this is the whole purpose of the game, it is a puzzle game it is supposed to be challenging!

I have not completed the whole game yet and there are a total of 11 achievements for you to get your hands on. In my opinion, this is a game for people who are a fan of brain teasers and are up for a bit of a challenging yet relaxing game play with cute characters and therapeutic music. The seasons are ever-changing but can you re-unite the man and woman or will they always be separated by the limits of the screen?


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