MX Nitro Review

By publisher Miniclip SA, comes the new trials racer MX Nitro. Whilst reminiscent of the classic and popular Trials Fusion, MX Nitro flips that on its head and creates a game that is much more enjoyable and exhilarating you’d expect from the first glance

MX nitro is a new world of thrill seeking motocross racers, full to the brim of different races and events , this game challenges a range of different skills that you’ll need to harness in order to be the best. Flying high and riding hard is what this game is all about, with over 50 tricks and stunts to learn and pull off in some gravity defying combos, it’ll be hard to stop playing. From a Superman to a good old-fashioned wheelie, choose your favourite tricks to impress your peers, but be careful not to face plant because that’s gonna hurt.

While racing through a whole host of different locations including beaches, fields and good old-fashioned motocross tracks, you realise that the world is your oyster and in general the game itself is relaxing, not just because of the beautiful scenery and locations. But due to the regular, yet positive, monotony of the game. Luckily, this game isn’t some crappy motocross themed rogue-like, but instead presents preset levels for you to tickle your fancy with but aren’t boring to replay (which is more than I can say about most level based games). Added with a cracking soundtrack that really gets the players pumped and a fantastic and immersive level design, you’ll play for hours without realizing.

The riding system is often easy to grasp but hard to hone and with exciting hazards like physical obstacles  to dodge or jump over to different terrains requiring a skill to conquer there’s always a way to be better. The game teaches you how to overcome these hazards as you play, you’ll soon learn that speed isn’t always the solution. It perfectly balances out the time between learning these skills so you gradually become a better player without realising and your responses become automatic.

Tricks are less automatic, because memorising 55 different tricks isn’t an easy task to accomplish, although using the action buttons in a combination to pull off a trick is a nice change from the recent multitude of games using the analogue stick to perform stunts (it’s much easier). Having an easy way to dish out cool stunts, what more could you want? And using the Nitro boost can help you perform some seriously big air.

The game features a shop and upgrade system as well, allowing you to pimp your ride and show of your rider’s style. With a range of different bikes to unlock and kit out: including trick bikes or zippier racing bikes – you can easily find your own favourite bike. With customisable decals, colours and spoke designs, your avatar can be the motocross racer you’ve always wanted to be. The more challenges you beat and unlock means more gear and kit to win and use to beat your opponents. There’s always a reason to carry on, normally its a cooler looking helmet. As well as the bike, your riding outfit is also interchangeable. Choose the comfort of whatever you want to wear, or race in style with matching, luxury riding gear. Anyway you want it, that’s the way you can have it which is fantastic because a customisable character is always a crowd pleaser.

Providing over 50 levels in 14 different locations, there’s a lot of content to get through. But due to the completely unique feel to each track it doesn’t feel tedious to play it all. Each play through can be unique with the amount of trick combinations to try out. With trick challenges , racing levels and some unexpected boss battles thrown in there, this game has proven itself to be challenging albeit still enjoyable. This could be due to the length of each track, although they vary they are reasonably short. Yet with no true multiplayer, the game still provides online tracks to test your abilities against your friends or compete in the global rankings, so there always something different to be doing.

MX Nitro generally is a great game. Its graphics aren’t top of the range, but you wouldn’t expect them to be nor even need them to be, it doesn’t affect the game play in the slightest. Its enjoyability isn’t bogged down by the annoyingness of a game like trials fusion. Its much less childish, it doesn’t use bright lights and insane tracks to lure you in to a false sense of fun instead it nurtures you, gradually teaches you how to play and provides you with a plentitude of realistic yet challenging tracks, tricks and treats to try out.

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