Fly high through the skies as you avoid incoming obstacles and enemies; SKYPEACE is a side scrolling based runner game that provides high-speed stages that could take your breath away!

Players of these types of games generally know what to do, aim for the highest score possible to get the highest rank which is the S rank and collect the many coins as well as the special pickups. There are a lot of games that have a similar game play so I was already quite familiar with the game play. Surprisingly enough, it was actually quite challenging to get an A rank, let alone an S rank! But since the level tend to only last around 4 minutes (maybe not even that), you can always keep retrying to achieve the highest score possible.

When playing 3DS games, I tend to test out the 3D mode on the title screens to see if it has a significant effect on the game and to my surprise, it actually looked really impressive. As a fan of anime style art, the title screen was aesthetically pleasing with the added effect of the 3D making it look sharper and crisper. What I noticed on the title screen was that there were two characters, a girl and a boy so I was eager to see if these were the characters I can choose to play as. To my approval, I was right, I can choose to play as the boy character Surf or the girl; Pure. This feature made me happy and I am sure others would probably appreciate this too!

The game play during the levels is probably a bit different compared to other side scrolling games. The area in which you can move your character is in a 3×3 sized square on the left side of the screen and you can move up, down, left and right with the A, B, X and Y buttons or the thumb stick. However if you want to go diagonally, this can only be achieved using the thumb stick so keep that in mind in case you get into a bind (unintentional rhyming). The character will always reset back into the middle of the grid whenever you let go, don’t worry there is a tutorial stage which will walk you through this process which will be a lot clearer to understand.

To unlock the next stages just proceed through each level without completely depleting your life bar and there is ten stages in total. Surviving the levels is a joy ride if that is the only thing you are aiming to do, but if you are in it for the achievements then hitting that S rank as well as surviving will be very challenging. To be able to taste the sweet, sweet sensation of the S rank you will have to collect loads of gems and coins, get a score multiplier and avoid colliding into any enemies as that will destroy the chances to get a high score. Make sure you are able to play through the 10 stages more than a few times as it can be a bit tedious.

Each of the stages have different sceneries which is nice to have a change of location so then it wouldn’t look too boring. The character is a cute little chibi which resembles whoever you decide to play and the enemies are quite simple as well. The animation smooth so it matches in time with your movements and each time you play through a level, take note of how the enemies move as there is sometimes a pattern which can help you in some of the 50 achievements. The music is fun and quirky which completely matches with this kind of game style.

So overall this is a short game and can be completed in about an hour, but if you are a completionist and just have to get that 100% then it would take a lot longer. The game was fun and the gameplay was nice, but I wasn’t very invested to want to keep going back for more, one play through was enough. If the developers added different game-modes such as mini-games, boss modes or endless mode then I think I would have played this game a lot more.

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