Maize Review


When I first heard about this game, I was very curious. I love good conspiracy theories and creepypastas, so Maize seemed right up my alley. Two scientists led a research facility that’s located on a farm, and in the process, accidentally created walking, talking corn. The whole thing is very mysterious. No one really knows how it happened, and why the research facility is now vacated. You start off the game having to navigate a corn maze, and it’s up to you to find out what’s going on.

I can tell you that I was a little spooked by the game at first. The music suggests mystery as I navigated the maze, and I kept thinking something would be around the bend. I can tell you there’s no jump scares in the game. But nonetheless, finding abandoned houses, messily kept areas around the farm, and then a dead body gets you pretty cautious.

The game is very good at directing you to your next location. At first, I thought I’d have a hard time going into the corn maze to reach different areas of the map, but they actually block off paths you don’t need (with bright orange cardboard boxes stacked on one another). As you progress through some of the puzzles, the game will let you know that you’ve opened up a new path. At first I found this a little strange, but I suppose it helps me stay on track.

As you go around the farm, you’ll find objects that you can pick up. You should inspect the items since their descriptions will sometimes have hints and clues as to how you should use them. The first thing I put into my inventory was an english breakfast muffin and with that, I was off on my adventure!


I really appreciate the game for its comedy and wit. Many times, I’d pick up a random item and laugh at the description, or get instructions that were funny. There’s also lots of sticky notes around the research facility that seemed to be used by the two lead researchers to communicate to one another. It was evident that both of them were incompetent and might not have been very happy to be working together. You learn more about what went on at the facility through these stickies, as well as “folio items” which are usually documents that you’ll find scattered throughout the game.

I found myself to quite like the corn people. I thought I might find them gross or scary, but it wasn’t at all the case. They’re not very smart, but they’re entertaining. You’ll also eventually fix up a robotic teddy bear with its own AI who follows you and helps you on puzzles. He’s adorable, and I like looking back throughout the game to see him waddling after me. It definitely made the abandoned research facility feel a lot less lonely!

It took me 4 hours to beat the game. The puzzles aren’t very hard, and if you manage to find the right items and comb through the rooms, you should have no hiccups. It’s very logical, and the game also gives you a lot of hints to help you through these puzzles. I actually think it’s too spoon-fed at times, and I wish I could adjust the difficulty to make it less so.


So what about the story? My initial interest in the game was due to intrigue. I’m sure that’s why a lot of places covered this game and are excited for its release. I felt that the lead up didn’t really justify the ending that you’ll encounter. I don’t believe there’s any other endings than the one I got, and if that’s the case, I was not satisfied when I got to the end. I had expected a plot twist, or to have my mind blown, but like many of the puzzles, it was a little lackluster. I also feel the ending negated my efforts throughout the game.

The game says it’s inspired by Monthy Python, so I suppose if you don’t take what’s happening around you too seriously, you may find the ending less disappointing. I wish I had known this a bit sooner so that my expectations could’ve been adjusted. Other than the ending though the story is enjoyable and my experiences in it were too. I would rate this game a 7.5 if 0.5 ratings were available on Brash. 

If you’re as curious as I was as to what Maize really is, try it out. It’s a fun game that helps passes the time, but again, don’t expect too much from the ending. It was a great way to take a step away from reality and enter a surreal world of sentient corn.

Rating 7

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