Protect an exploration party in colourful PS VR platformer Pop-Up Pilgrims, out next month

Hi PS Blog! I’m Rhod from Dakko Dakko, and I’m very proud to show you our newest game, coming exclusively to Playstation VR. It’s Pop-Up Pilgrims.


We’ve long been all about 2D gaming at Dakko Dakko, and indeed at first it seemed like the recent arrival of VR gaming wasn’t likely to affect our development plans. Fortunately though, I got the chance to try a friend’s VR kit quite early, and the moment I put the headset on my mind started racing with ideas for what our games might be like in a VR space.

Within a couple of weeks we had gone from never really thinking about VR games, to having a specially adapted version of one of our PS Vita games – Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims – playable in a VR space!


The incredible impact of seeing a 2D game exploded out into multiple layers in VR instantly convinced us that this was an area rich in potential for our games. The player could look anywhere on the stage at any time, no scrolling required!

Characters could be moved between 2D layers and the player could easily and accurately tell which layer they were on! Characters could lurch right out of a 2D scene! We were convinced and so, Pop-Up Pilgrims was born!

Pop-Up Pilgrims is a new kind of action game where you use your PSVR headset to guide a group of intrepid adventurers on a 2D-in-3D quest. The pilgrims need your help to cross treacherous pop-up islands and contend with a cast of peculiar demons as they try to reclaim their god’s source of power.

Using the head-tracking capabilities of PS VR, you need only look where you want a pilgrim to act, and with the press of a button the nearest pilgrim will eagerly leap towards your cursor to do your bidding! It’s simple to control but once your pilgrims start to wander in different directions, things can get pretty crazy! You’ll have to move carefully in and out of the game layers to guide each and every pilgrim safely to the exit.

We’re very excited to announce right here that you’ll be able to play Pop-Up Pilgrims very soon indeed! It’ll be available to download from Playstation Store on 13th February!


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