Bridge Constructor Portal Review

A new Portal game is something to be excited about, even if it does take the series into a completely different genre, the signature humour and debatable ethics are present throughout Portal Bridge Constructor and the game is certainly better for it. Your job is to help incompetent drivers get through levels unscathed by placing bridges to make sure that they don’t go face first into a puddle of acid or into the path of a turret gun.

The trick comes in your ability to build bridges in what amounts to being in mid-air, the opening missions ease you in nicely, teaching you the correct way to build so that the bridge doesn’t just collapse under itself. Ultimately as the game goes on it challenges you to be more and more creative in your use of the materials provided to make sure you can still make a working bridge without the same number of anchor points. Building your first one point structure is wonderful and you get a lot of moments throughout the game that feels as though it respects your abilities as well as your craft.

Once you have locked in your design you hit a button and a single vehicle traverses across everything and you find out if you did it right or not. The levels progress nicely adding in things like turrets, crossing paths and, of course, portals into the mix to keep your brain working overtime to build the perfect path for your little workers. If you think you have perfected a level you can send a full convoy of vehicles over for an extra challenge. This mechanic essentially serves to alter the difficulty on demand, sure one vehicle made it across, but sometimes your pathways will collapse after one use. Making something more permanent takes a little more thought more often than not which is a nice addition to each level.

The sound design and the look of the game both suit the franchise wonderfully and the whole thing paints a silly grin on your face throughout as the humour is generally good and there are a few nods to the puzzle games origins. As ever you get the feeling that as a human being you are an irritation to the robot overlords in the factory and they just wish you weren’t there.

The game will take a while to complete with their being sixty levels, all of which you can then make harder by trying out the convoy rather than the single vehicle. It is a lot of fun and while challenging is never so frustrating that it makes you want to stop playing. It feels like they could have done more with the portals to be honest, having the player place them within certain restrictions could have been an entertaining tool but despite this it is an entertaining game and an enjoyable one too.

Portal bridge constructor could have done more with the property, but is still a fun game despite this with a good sense of humour and chalkenging but enjoyable gameplay.

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