Perfect Angle Review

Perfect Angle is a unique game that lets the player play around with various objects, and to obtain an actual object as the game progresses. The story will show you clips of the narrator’s memories.

This game has over a hundred levels of puzzles for a player to enjoy and test their skills, on whereas the game itself should keep the user’s attention, with the game’s music and the constant memories that create the stories.  This is a simple game that a player can lose themselves in as it is a very simple and unique, that it will keep a player’s attention for hours or a simple drop-in and relax session

In the game, most of the puzzles will be animated after you complete certain puzzles, and there is also a hint system in the game that will allow the player to use five hints that will help you to solve the puzzle. These hints will also resupply themselves this will allow the player to gain many hints throughout the game this will also make it easier on the player by allowing the puzzle to be completed, even if correct but not in the correct rotation as the game will auto-rotate to allow the player to pass to the next level.

The game has multiple achievements that are easy to unlock as each memory the player completes will unlock an achievement, this is a simple task as most of the early levels need only three to four levels to unlock an early achievement this can be simple.

The games have music that the player will find after a while ether repetitive and will either enjoy as they play through the game or not, as the game will only have one other sound in it, such as the memories story. This will only show up once every few puzzles as each of the puzzles have some significance with the memory that is being played.

The games show the player memories as part of the story as if each of the memories is in parts such as chapters that are showing the player the narrator’s life story. But to unlock each part of the story the player needs to play through each puzzle to unlock the story.

Perfect Angle has some features but there are some bad features to it as well.

1. Some of the good features are it is easy to get in to at any point.

2. The controls are simple to understand and will be easier for users to pick up from where they left off at any point whereas the player can choose to play from any point that they have passed the puzzle.

3. While playing this game the player may spot unusual advertisements as they fly to their next puzzle or as they try to solve their own puzzle these adverts are mostly games that are on an iOS system so this is a strange sight to see them on a PS4 console and can be misleading to a consumer or it is a well-placed advert to draw more interest towards their games this increasing their consumers.

Perfect Angle is fun to play but with the game as it is there is very little story to be had within it but if you are looking for a fun and simple game that you can play to relax then this is the game for you as this game can challenge the way you look at images and how creative you are as to complete each level there are no enemies to kill or no time limit to complete. The levels are the only way to complete the puzzle that is blocking the player from continuing on their journey with their memories.

Perfect Angle in my opinion, is just too slow and has little to no action as it is a simple puzzle-based game. The story of the game is based solely on one man, and will only unlock when you complete levels. Puzzles will increase in difficulty as the player continues in the journey, throughout into the game and as the game becomes more difficult the player will use their hints on the puzzles to complete them. They will be restored once every five minutes as to help the player again, but if the player was stuck on a level within the five minutes then they would have to wait for the timer to run out before they can get their hints. There is also the music which is playing on a simple loop that if a player enjoys a game with a soundtrack this is not a game for them, the way that this game was played was by putting the games in-game music in mute and playing music through another source to enjoy the game with a soundtrack.

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