10 great PS4 co-op games that might just destroy your relationship this Valentine’s Day

You can try fortune tellers, online quizzes or scan newspaper horoscopes, but in our opinion there’s only one true way to test whether your relationship is built to last: cooperative video games.

So with Valentine’s Day upon us, we thought it the perfect reason to offer up ten PlayStation 4 games that will really put your compatibility to the test – they’ll either expose the cracks in your communion or demonstrate what a rock-solid pairing you are. So take a look, and see which game you’ll want to get an extra controller for.

***Warning: the following may cause break-ups, or at the very least, heated arguments.***

1. Gang Beasts

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: Your trust issues

Boneloaf’s hilarious multiplayer game includes a brutal wave mode. Sure, you can stand back to back and battle off enemy hordes… but you could also resolve any niggling relationship frustrations by nudging your partner into the nearest furnace. Imagine a pillow fight, but with more spikey deathtraps.

2. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You’ll need: PS VR, two controllers
Tests: Communication skills

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

What better formula for a healthy romantic relationship than the title of this brilliant PS VR co-op puzzler? You’ll need to prove your communication skills by working together to defuse a bomb. The PS VR-wearer faces the multi-part explosive face on, diffusing the device through instructions being fed by the other player… who can only find the correct documents by descriptions given by the PS VR player. It’s pictionary with a deathly twist.

3. Don’t Starve Together

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: Viability to survive a nuclear fallout together

Don't Starve Together

Is your ideal romantic break a survival experience for two? Test your partner’s foraging skills from the safety of the couch first with this roguelike co-op adventure. Cooperate to gather resources and last as long as you can. Is survival easier together? You’ve double the hands, but also twice as many mouths to feed…

4. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: Coordination, who’ll call the shots abroad

Taking a road trip with a loved one: idyllic adventure or delegation disaster? Go starside and find out if you’ve the coordination and compatibility to jointly run a spaceship. You may find yourself being shot into space before the journey’s through.

5. Salt and Sanctuary

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: Cooperation

Put down the D&D board game roleplay for the evening and face death together in Souls-like 2D platformer Salt and Sanctuary. The local co-op mode Sellswords means you can spend the night questing – and dying – as a couple.

6. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: Home interior decisions

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Couple a romantic park stroll and a horror movie marathon for two with this ingenious mix of tower defence and FPS. Go split-screen to play co-op or, alternatively, settle an argument in the competitive mode.

7. SingStar Celebration

You’ll need: One controller + Smartphones
Tests: Whether karaoke is the right idea for your anniversary

Serenade each other with PlayLink’s SingStar. Sing your favourite love songs or perform in a romantic duo! See how long you can survive without critiquing your other half’s poor harmonising skills!

8. Overcooked

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: If you’ve got to take dinner prep in turns

Couples that cook together, stay together…said someone who obviously hadn’t played frantic and potentially volatile arcade cookery game Overcooked. Answer questions like: who’s the best cook? And who does the dishes? Who can work best under pressure?

9. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: If you can settle an argument civilly

Is your ideal date dinner and catching the latest Marvel movie at the cinema? Well, why not enjoy your shared love of superheroes at home (and take a break from cosplaying at conventions) with the latest Lego adventure. Plus you can settle those heated ‘which superhero would win’ arguments by making each other explode in a shower of bricks.

10. Nex Machina

You’ll need: Two controllers
Tests: If you’ve got each other’s backs

If your eyes first locked across the weight rack of your local gym, then continue the workout session on Nex Machina’s fast-paced battlefield. Can you work in perfect harmony and survive Housemarque’s hectic twin-stick shooter? Only action fans need apply.

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