10 wonderfully weird PS4 indie games that cost less than €5 on PS Store this weekend

Never let it be said that PlayStation is not a place where everyone can feel at home. PS Store’s ongoing Games Under €5 promotion features a vast line-up of great, unique and interesting indie titles to suit just about every taste – and we really mean every.

Among a fine collection of classy action-platformers, classic strategy games and brutal arcade shooters there’s also a small selection of something altogether more unusual – things that… defy description.

Nonetheless, we thought we’d have a go! So here you are: 10 totally bonkers titles, that you can – and should – pick up for a fistful of pocket change, this weekend.

1. Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator


A celebration of that great British tradition of verbosity, Oh… Sir! invites you and your friends to elevate your verbal sparring abilities above common slur and admonish your opponents in truly Shakespearean fashion.

Made for multiplayer, the ingenious system involves cobbling together the most loquacious insults you can muster from a randomly generated collection of terms. He or she whom creates the greatest offense wins, so get insulting, you lollygagging, waffle-faced sewer pie!

2. I Am Bread

Of all the fantastic adventures you imagined video games might one day deliver, who could have ever guessed we’d get to take on the roll of a slice of bread?

Well, in 2015, this technical marvel finally came to pass. In I Am Bread, your mission is to guide your chosen piece of glutinous goodness from one side of a hazard-chocked room to the other and deposit yourself into a toaster.

Sounds simple? For an agile human perhaps, but for a simple slab of sourdough – not even remotely!

3. Octodad: Dadliest Catch

It’s not every day that a cephalopod dons a hat and suit and begins masquerading as a hardworking family man, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you pick up Octodad: Dadliest catch.

It might sound mundane, but it’s anything but… taking charge of your unruly betentacled body will require patience and dexterity, moving each limb independently to complete ordinary tasks like the weekly shop, tidying the house or – god forbid – a trip to the aquarium.

Try not to get yourself into a tangle, eh?

4. Her Majesty’s SPIFFING


Another chance to come over all unspeakably British, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a truly one-of-a-kind game in which the iconic British monarch HR Liz II has tasked a humble team of her fellow Brits to set off into the cosmos and look for a new world to populate.

Manning a shuttle shaped after the Westminster clock tower – good old ‘Big Ben’ – you’ll have navigate the stars solving puzzles, exchanging witty banter and fighting crippling claustrophobia before – in all likelihood – being baked alive by cosmic radiation.

For queen, for country… and for the bantz!

5. Push Me Pull You


Quite a sight to behold, this one. Grab hold of a friend and convince them to join you in a sausage-like spin on sumo wrestling involving a bright red ball and a pair of conjoined human slinky toys.

Okay, this one really does defy description, but it is bizarrely good fun. Not only will you and your team mate be sharing the same body, you’ll even be sharing the same controller so make sure it’s somebody you like!

Best played with the curtains closed!

6. Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition


A sterling celebration of medical malpractice, Surgeon Simulator might not be the most accurate recreation of invasive surgical procedure but it is bloody good fun.

Take on the role – well, one arm – of hapless surgeon Nigel Burke as he attempts an assortment of life-altering procedures on his trusting patient Bob. Expect internal organs to go flopping everywhere in blackly-comic fashion as you attempt to complete operations on everything from kidneys to back teeth.

7. ClusterTruck


A truly bizarre take on the platforming genre, ClusterTruck tasks you to complete an increasingly hazardous series of levels in which the main aim is to jump end-to-end along a convoy of moving trucks.

Straight-forward enough it would seem – if slightly death-defying – but things will only get dicier as lasers, swinging hammers and the occasional flamethrower are introduced to the fray.

TL;DR: it’s The Floor Is Lava meets Convoy… with flamethrowers.

8. Manual Samuel

Having made a deal with Death, handsome, wealthy and recently deceased Samuel has one last chance at life: he simply needs to get through one full day manually…

How manually? Well, it’ll be up to your to guide spoiled rich-kid Samuel through 24 hours managing every movement from blinking and breathing to taking a leak or driving a car – it’s all on you. Also, Death will be tagging along just to giggle at your hapless progress.

The perfect title for anyone that’s heavily into puppeteering!

9. Hatoful Boyfriend

Dating sims… they’re nothing new right? How about a dating sim with pigeons? How about a dating sim set in a school run entirely by and for birds? Welcome to the absolutely surreal world of Hatoful Boyfriend, where – as the only human in the entire school – you’ll need to negotiate all the usual tribulations of high school life whilst also wooing an entirely avian student faculty.

If that’s not mad enough, the dark twists and turns of unfolding story – as romance and rivalry give way to crimes of passion – are something you’ll never see coming.

10. Super Meat Boy


Last up, it’s Super Meat Boy: a hardcore old-school platformer that might not have been remarkable enough to make this list if it weren’t for the fact you’ll be playing as a gelatinous cube of sentient meat.

That’s pretty left-field, but that’s only half the story. You’ll be completing level after level of brutally bloody platforming challenges in order to save your bandage-wrapped girlfriend from the clutches of an evil, tuxedo-wearing foetus… that lives in a jar.

Macabre as it might sound, it’s often touted as one of the best 2D platformers of the generation, so if that kind of thing is your jam, don’t sleep on this.

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