Survive long enough to escape an alien planet in sci-fi sim Symmetry, out on PS4 tomorrow

For those of you who haven’t heard about Symmetry yet – it’s a survival management game, set in sci-fi universe, coming to PS4 tomorrow, 20th February.

You control a crew of astronauts sent on a space research mission in hope of finding a new home for humanity. At some point you receive a mysterious signal coming from a seemingly unknown planet and decide to check it out. The landing goes wrong and the group ends up separated from each other.

Some of the crew members are lucky enough to be scattered near the old shelter, which is your only hope for survival in the cold and harsh environment.


Bring them home

The goal of Symmetry is to repair the broken shuttle called “Miner 4” and eventually escape from the hostile planet.

In order to do so you need to gather all the necessary repair parts, and fix the ship broken modules one by one.

Don’t forget about taking care of the life functions crucial for the survivors’ existence – they need food, rest and warmth. You may want them to develop new skills, like botany or electrical operations, in order to stand a chance of survival.

There’s one more thing. The longer you stay on the planet the more you have the impression that you’re not alone.

Crew members start to feel some ominous presence that seems to be all around. It starts with subtle hallucinations and becomes worse after each day spent there.


Survival mode

When you finally manage to finish the main storyline, you can not only consider yourself as a seasoned space commander, but you also unlock the New Game + called here “Survival Mode”.

At this point things change drastically. “Miner 4” can’t be repaired, you’re trapped on the desolate planet, which becomes even more hostile and no rescue whatsoever is coming. You start your journey towards the inevitable death, while the only question is – how long will you survive?

To help you visualize how hopeless you are let’s go through some of the factors that may bring you closer to your imminent end.

Starting with the planet itself, where temperature drops to -110 degrees Celsius at night, it takes only a moment to become a human-shaped icicle. Deadly snowstorms happen almost daily, not to mention the brutal earthquakes that can turn your flimsy shelter into your own grave.

What about the space nutrition? Unfortunately you start with no food at all, and in order to get some you need to grow it in a special capsule.

Watching some movie classics about being a cosmic farmer may give you an idea, but it’s definitely not a cake walk, considering the limited resources and broken equipment. You may even take the outer space recycling to a whole new level and put your dead friend’s corpse in a freezer.


The rusty shelter, which is supposed to protect you from the outside environment, is at the same time one of your worst enemies. It offers a great diversity of life support systems which can break anytime, exterminating your crew on the occasion. Malfunctioning regeneration chambers, faulty heating system, power blackouts – you name it.

Even if you’re not among the people hopping on the recent space colonisation bandwagon you should definitely try Symmetry and its Survival mode. Let us know how many days you survive in the comments section!

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