Sci-fi action RPG Songbringer gets free story DLC, massive update next week

Songbringer isn’t your grandma’s action RPG. Unless your grandma is into robot sidekicks, intergalactic bad guys, hallucinogenic cacti, and epic free updates.

It’s been a whirlwind year for one-man developer Wizard Fu: he launched his first PlayStation title and moved to East Asia, all the while creating new content and working on improvements for the Zelda-inspired pixel art adventure game Songbringer.

This all culminates in one huge game update for PS4 players, which includes free story DLC (The Trial of Ren), a free dynamic Theme and a set of avatars.

The free Trial of Ren DLC, along with the rest of the goodies, will be available for PlayStation 4 players on 24th April, as a special thank you to players and fans who supported Songbringer from its successful Kickstarter through to the game’s launch.

The Trial of Ren DLC

Songbringer Songbringer Songbringer

Discover the whereabouts of the mysterious Ren and undertake his trial in the hopes of achieving spiritual ascension! This DLC pack is free for all Songbringer players and adds more story, allowing players to uncover a new battle dungeon.

Collect new items, fight remixed enemies and defeat Ren to obtain a new power: Battle Meditation. Other new items include a craftable Flamethrower and Hyper Boots.

Also included is a mysterious ring, Eiael’s Snare which introduces a new enhanced difficulty mode.

By wearing the ring, you’ll receive a higher end-game score but all bosses now have a wider range of special attacks, and regular enemies are tougher.

Songbringer SongbringerSongbringer

The big update

Along with the DLC launch, Songbringer’s base game is also receiving a big update.

We’ve listened closely to the feedback from players and added features to improve and expand Roq’s combat abilities.

You can now parry attacks and charge your weapon for a harder hit, along with other tweaks to improve the feel of combat. You can find out the full details of the patch on Double Eleven’s blog.


Dynamic Theme

Free for all PlayStation 4 Europe players, you can now download an epic Songbringer theme, featuring the threatening visage of a hideous Drobth, found stalking the overworld and dungeons of Ekzera.

Songbringer’s update, Free DLC, dynamic theme and avatars will be available for PlayStation™ Europe players from 24th April.

You can follow Wizard Fu and Double Eleven on Twitter for more information on this and other games. Budding games developers can also watch Nathanael live-stream the entire development process.

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