Graphics card makers will be “forced to slash prices” after GPU shipments fall by 40%

With the drop of 40% the shipping charges of graphics card there is a chance of price slash, which means you may end up purchasing graphics card at more affordable rates in the near future.

Now you may be wondering how to rip off the maximum benefit from your newly purchased graphics card? Of course graphics cards can make a huge difference in your gaming experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing the Far Cry 3 or less graphic-intensive games like online casino games that come with a Bitcoin bonus, a good graphics card will always make the gaming experience better.

Understanding What has Happened

At the beginning of the month manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining machines have aborted or halted their planned shipment of ASICs because of faulty demands of replacement. The same scenario may happen to the manufacturers of the graphics card.

According to DigiTimes TUL, MSI, and Gigabyte, the three Taiwan-based graphics card manufacturers are anticipating a 40% drop of their month-on-month shipment in April. This may be primarily because of the mining firms, the major procurer of graphics card either canceling or cut their number of orders.

Such drop in demand may be due to the combination of the increasing trend of the companies to postpone the purchase of graphics card as the Bitmain ASICs set will be arriving in the next half of the year and overall slowdown in the cryptocurrency market. The graphics card with new technology will be designed specifically to replace the Monero altcoins and GPU-centric Ethereum.

It’s only the GPY shipments that have fallen though, as companies like Samsung have witnessed good profit growth in this quarter, and is a symbol of other underlying problems that need to be addressed.

The Bitmain Affair

After Bitmain, the Chinese company has secured about 50% state of the Bitcoins’ hashing power, the developers for both the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies have expressed their interest in keeping the currency out of Bitmain’s reach. Bitmain currently has more power over cryptocurrency prices compared to any other single organization or entity. Now, it will be interesting to see whether they succeed in their attempts.

Particularly, the developers of Ethereum have just come out with their proposal to resist the potential clutch of GPUs and mining ASICs. They are making a transition towards model supporting proof-of-stake more than proof-of-work. Issues like emerging ASICs market, equal access to centralized mining pools of AMD mining hardware as well as excessive consumption of energy are considered before taking such decisions.


However, there is good news for the gamers in the sense that such circumstances mean there will be a number of fresh and brand new graphics card sitting in the warehouses and factories of the companies with no buyers for them. So both the companies will soon be forced to cut down on their prices to promote sales and may even half their margins. The price of GPU is already coming down and this may be only the start of major price slash. Things are looking great ahead for us The Gamers.

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