Common Myths And Misconceptions About Slots

The slot machines offer a huge number of possible combinations. Therefore, you are unlikely to be able to predict what reels will show after clicking on the Spin button. This is the main difference between slots from card casino games and roulette. Slot machines seem to be “on their own”, and this deceives casino players. Over the past few years, many myths and misconceptions about slots have appeared, and we will expose them in this article.

The random number generator generates non-random numbers

Such assumptions arise in those gamblers who lost a large amount of money and were disappointed in slots. Failure causes people to think irrationally. Therefore, some players state that reels show what the casino wants.

If we are talking about licensed slots, then this is an obvious misconception. RTP of quality gaming applications from the leading providers in the industry always match the claimed. Only unlicensed copies of games and fakes that use pirate casinos can deceive gamblers. So, you have to use a responsible approach to the choice of the online casino website and carefully check the license.

However, many licensed slots use some tricks to attract gamblers. For example, reels of some slots can often show a pair of Scatters and the player hopes that soon he will see a combination of these symbols that triggers the bonus round. Try not to lose your head and not pay attention to it, and then these cheap tricks will not work on you.

Using different buttons to start the spin of reels affects the results

Modern slots contain buttons Autoplay and Max Bet in addition to Spin. These are intended only for the convenience of casino players and their use does not affect the final result.

Jackpots are for “their” people

Some players believe that a large jackpot can only get that gambler, which has a direct relationship to the developer of software for online casinos. This is possible only with the use of pirated programs. The license slots use a proven random number generator. Therefore, the jackpots also win by chance.

Classic slots pay more (or less) than modern video slots

The main parameter of any slot is the RTP. The number of reels does not affect profitability. In classical slots only 3 reels are used. Therefore, these contain fewer possible game combinations. However, it does not mean that these can bring more or less money.

After several unsuccessful spins you will definitely win

If a series of 10-15 spins does not bring the desired result, it does not mean that you will be lucky soon. In gaming machines, each spin is unique and does not depend on the previous one. You can win real money at any time.

Profitability depends on the time of day

This myth came to us from real gambling establishments. Some gamblers still think that slot machines are programmed for high payouts at night and bring insignificant profits in the daytime. Such players believe that the casinos can pay more at night, because of work with fewer clients.

In fact, the casino always has a profit and does not seek to impose restrictions on payments at any time of the day. Such restrictions would be seen by both auditors and the casino players themselves. This is just another myth, which turned out to be absolutely implausible.

Using the Autoplay mode, you reduce the chances of winning

As already mentioned above, some additional buttons are created only for comfort. These do not affect the operation of the random number generator. This is also true for using the Autoplay button. If you do not want to press the Spin button constantly, then use the Autoplay mode. This does not affect the profitability of your spins in any way.

Playing with welcome packs brings less profit

This misconception is due to the fact that players believe that the casino is trying in every way to prevent the player from playing back the funds provided to him. In fact, the casino operator does not have the ability to interfere with the operation of gaming machines. This can be done only by software vendors. However, the difficult conditions for wagering bonuses and, probably, the probability theory protect the casino from heavy losses.

Jackpots are for high rollers only

At the dawn of the online gambling industry, providers such as Microgaming and Playtech set their own rules of the game. In those days, jackpots were intended only for those gamblers who made high stakes in games.

Times have changed, and today the stakes of all sizes have the same chances of winning the jackpot. Therefore, you do not need to use the Max Bet button every time.


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