Will the PC Always Be the Most Popular Gaming Device?

The debate amongst gamers as to what the superior gaming platform is has been raging since…well, since the very beginning! While games consoles have made gaming a lot more straightforward and convenient than a PC, there are certain things a PC can do which, for a variety of reasons, we are unlikely to see replicated on home games consoles.

If you aren’t a PC gamer, it’s possible that you don’t realise just how different the experience is for a PC user. This is in part because a PC is designed to do many different things, not just gaming. A games console exists purely to allow you to play games and is, therefore, designed entirely for this task. Things are messier with a PC, but in exchange for putting more effort in, you will be rewarded with the ultimate gaming experience.


The biggest selling point of a PC versus a games console, or a smartphone, is that it is an open platform. On a games console, you are only able to play games that have been released specifically for that console. This means that the library of games available is curated. Now, clearly,there are advantages to doing this, namely the simplicity it allows. But on a PC, anyone can make a game and anyone else can download and play that game. Because of this, PCs are used to both play the most graphically intensive and demanding games -and some of the most basic.

Browser Games

Special mention has to be made of the web browser. Most of us spend most of our time on our PCs, on the internet. Many of us have fond memories of wasting time in school playing browser games. As adults, many of these games are still appealing, and we now have access to online casino games as well. With so many different online gambling services out there now, should your first choice online slots casino be unavailable, there will be others to choose from.


Ask any hardcore PC gamer what the biggest advantage PC has over games consoles and they will tell you – the ability to mod your games. Modding, short for modifying, allows both individuals and groups of fans to produce additional, homemade content for their favouritegames. In cases where the developers actively support the modding community, these efforts can often extend the lifespan of a game by many years.


A good gaming PC will cost you quite a lot. But once you have absorbed that initial cost, you can then incrementally upgrade your PC,one component at a time. This is in contrast to a games console, where you will have to buy an entirely new system and stick with it until the next iteration is released.

As a gaming device, the PC is unrivalledin its capabilities. It is not as user-friendly as a games console, or even a smartphone. However, the additional freedom and power that it offers users, in addition to its flexibility, makesit a gaming device that is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon.

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