Great Classic Games for Vaping

One of the wonderful things that many people don’t know about vaping is that it’s the perfect complement to all sorts of games and fun activities. When you get together with a few friends for a game night, your vaping device can help to make the evening even more enjoyable.

Card games and board games can be a lot of fun, but they also involve a lot of waiting around. So while you’re waiting for other players to take their turn, you can take a few puffs on your vape pen or mod and enjoy some awesome e-liquids.

Games in all their varieties are about enjoyment. Whether we’re talking about a video game or a classic card game, these diversions exist to help us relax and have fun. Vaping is all about enjoyment too, so when you combine vaping and games, you’ll have a great overall experience.

Let’s look at some classic games you can start enjoying with your vape-loving friends. Than you can check out community boards to find like-minded people and more game ideas!


Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time. We’ve all seen those images in movies and TV shows of gangsters crowded around a poker table with cigarette smoke filling the air. Well, you can make a much prettier and sweeter-smelling image with vape pens and delicious e- liquids. Poker is a super choice for nights with your friends, and you might even improve your own “poker face” by pulling off some cool vape tricks to distract your opponents and win the pot.


Monopoly is one of the most-loved classic board games that people have been played for close to 100 years. Unfortunately, it often ends in disputes as the losers run out of money and land on the wrong squares, so why not lighten the mood with a little vaping? Anyone who has played Monopoly knows that a typical game can last for an hour or more, so you can help pass the time between turns by puffing on your vape mod.


Scrabble is a classic board game, but it’s also very slow. Players tend to take a lot of time to think about the words they want to play, and it can be boring for everyone else around the table to sit and wait. This is where vaping adds to the experience. While your rivals are working out how to get that triple word score, you can take the time to refill your vape pen and enjoy some great flavour.


This is an awesome option, but you’ll need three or more players to enjoy a round. Cluedo is a terrific detective game, with players pulling out their magnifying glasses and using Sherlock Holmes-style skills to crack the case of a mysterious murder. While you puzzle out the identity of the murderer, you can take some time to enjoy your favourite vape juices.


A highly popular card game for two or more players, Uno is great for vaping, but you need to choose the right moments. Uno is a fast-moving game, and you must pay attention to the cards to keep up with the competition and come out on top. However, rounds are over quickly, and those moments in between one round and the next are the ideal time to switch on your vaping device and enjoy a few cloudy puffs.

Trivial Pursuit

Who’s the smartest person in your group of friends? Trivial Pursuit is the ideal game for you to test your knowledge and see how your level of intelligence stacks up against your buddies. Again, this can be a slow-moving game, so it’s ideal for vaping. While other players are pondering their answers to the game’s famous enigmas, you can pass the time with your vape pen by your side.


Also known as 21, this is a classic game that anyone can learn to play in a matter of minutes. The object of the game is to draw cards and get as close to 21 as possible. It’s quick, easy and great fun with friends. Rounds of this game are over in a flash, and you can pass the time between them with some delicious vape juice.


This is a great game, in part because you don’t need a board or any equipment to play it. You can write your own prompts, like movie or book titles, and get people to act them out. Other players simply sit down and try to guess the title, and while you’re sitting around, you can enjoy a few puffs on your vaporizer at the same time.

Go Fish

Here’s yet another great card game for you and your friends to enjoy with your vaping devices. Go Fish is an easy-to-learn game for two or more players, with rounds lasting little longer than five minutes. Whenever you tell someone to “Go Fish,” you can take a little puff on your vape pen just to feel even cooler.


Ludo is one of the world’s oldest board games, and it’s still highly popular today. This game is played at quite a leisurely pace and often involves four players, so you can enjoy some moments of vaping while waiting for the others to finish rolling the dice and taking their turn.


A much-loved card game, Rummy is all about being the first player to match together suits or series of cards successfully. This is the perfect sort of game for vaping because it’s slow-paced and doesn’t require any quick movements or fast action. Between rounds or even between turns, you can fire up your mod for a blast of vapour.


Feel like the ultimate military general with a vaping pen in your mouth as you obliterate your opponent’s carefully-constructed fleet. This is another classic board game, and it’s the ideal choice for two players. So, grab your best vape-loving friend and start sinking those battleships! 

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