Top Dota 2 Players join Esports Teams

Over time, change is a must to help the esports team improve their gameplay, tactics and communication in gaming events, in fact, their performance affects dota 2 betting odds. The timing of transitions is of the essence for the better of a professional squad to move on. Apart from this, pro teams may not be able to participate in major events like the prestigious dota 2 event of the year, The International 2018.

Fly and s4 are the new Evil Geniuses while Misery and Fear are released.

At ESL One Birmingham, EG disappointed their fans after their shocking loss in their elimination match to Team Spirit with a score of 0-2. This result was the worst placing yet for Evil Geniuses, a poor performance that has led to their much-needed roster shuffle.

Fear announced on Twitter of his departure from Evil Geniuses having been with them for seven years since October 2011. Clinton Loomis is one of those players who instil fear in his opponents and has participated in many dota 2 championships among them his incredible achievement of winning The International 2015.

Through the years he has been with EG, he has helped his team give his input by stepping in to play a role that the squad needed. His mindful thinking was put to good use to coach the Evil Geniuses roster for a year, improving and leading his unit to success. Just a few days ago, Fear took to Twitter saying he will be teaming up with Team GDV for a boot camp in Peru.

Misery took to Twitter saying he was out of EG. His first tournament with Evil Geniuses was the Captains Draft 4.0, where they went through the group stages, reaching the playoffs to lose to Team Secret. The dota 2 team have had a few successes finishing in second place at the Galaxy Battles II and finished fourth at ESL One Genting in 2018. Misery will still try his luck for the TI8 qualifiers with his new team Five dogs, where he will be boot-camping for the next few weeks.

Replacing Misery and Fear, the new Evil Geniuses will be the former OG players Fly and s4 that will form part of EG current dota roster. Sumail will resume his mid lane position from the offlane role which will be taken up by s4, giving him the opportunity to show his capabilities. Fly will continue to play the support role, on top of this, his experience as captain could help provide some useful advice to the dota 2 team, implementing new gaming strategies.

Over the past year, Evil Geniuses haven’t been that consistent, placing in the top 8 rankings overall. EG will not be invited to The International 8 but will have to work and train to improve their gameplay to achieve their spot through the Regional Qualifiers. Hopefully, with these changes in place, the dota geniuses can get back on their feet to surprise their loyal fans who have placed their dota 2 betting wagers.

Adam and Moonmeander are the new Complexity players.

The North American Dota 2 team, Complexity have previously made a significant change back in March, letting go of Kyle Freedman or also known as ‘swindlemelonzz’. Not only did this transformation shake up the dota team but they lost their chance to qualify for an invitation to TI8.

Complexity struggled to go through qualifier tournaments like MDL Changsha Major North America as well as the ESL One Birmingham 2018. CoL did not keep their consistency in matches, and this was a sign that a change was needed.

Part of the drastic change was the release of Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin who had been competing for Complexity for the last three years. Complexity recruited new gamers, David ‘Moonmeander’ Tan from Digital Chaos and Adam ‘Adam’ Shah from Fnatic, two cyber athletes that have a lot of competitive experience. David will be playing the offlaner position for coL while Adam will take on the supportive role helping his teammates in-game while also could bring a few coaching strategies to help motivate the team and turn tables on their opponents.

With these roster changes in place, will these squads train enough and be good enough for the upcoming major matches in time? People say that practice makes perfect and in due time the professional squads will reach the top of the leaderboards. In the meantime, you can follow them closely on the streamed live channels so that you can make well-informed decisions on which esports team to place your best dota 2 betting.

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