Graphics and Gameplay. What Is More Important for Gamers?

There once was a time when games had monochrome themes, boring layouts or no background whatsoever. Graphics have transitioned over the past two decades, from the black and white stripes and boxes to themes that are utterly photorealistic.

Graphic design has become a benchmark for valuing the quality of games. This is however not the only change witnessed within games, the gameplay has also evolved completely with features that could not be fathomed a decade ago. It’s not a wonder why gamers need to use custom built PCs with top-notch features, just to enjoy and appreciate the games innovative themes fully.

Both have significantly changed, leaving us to question ‘Which of the two elements is more important for gamers?’. Visual presentations are important in every aspect of marketing, great graphics is a key element everyone can agree is important. However, the gameplay plays a crucial role in attracting and ensuring the gamers are addicted. The thin line that differentiates both has led developers such as Microgaming online slots to incorporate both in any new slot game release.

Good Graphics

Adverts of new games can only feature the mesmerizing graphics and highlight the main game features, simply because the ads can’t be long enough to give the gameplay details. Great graphics will do the marketing needed to attract gamers, but is this all it takes?

The high-quality graphic can definitely improve the gameplay, but it is hard for games to entirely rely on fantastic visual style to attract gamers. A great example is when the Metal Gear Solid Rising was released into the market, gamers praised the amazing graphics until they were let down by the dysfunctional gameplay.

Not only does this apply to normal PC and console games, but online slot machines. Detail is a key element in determining the success of a slot machine. Developers of 3D slot games have a higher success rate than those inventing 2D slots. If you don’t believe this try out any 2D game in whichever preferred theme: fruits or comics slot machines. Later on, search for a 3D slot based on similar themes and determine your preference. You can also check the results of an open quorum on Reddit, where gamers vote in support of good graphics over gameplay.

We have clearly established the importance of good graphics, but is it all that it takes to increase the user experience? Some console games such as World of Warcraft have horrible graphics but still boasts its position as one of the bestsellers. Contradicting facts from different sources, opens the discussion further, let’s now take a look at the gameplay before we draw a conclusion.


Gameplay refers to how gamers interact with the games, referring to all features excluding graphics and sound effects, the game’s plot and all additional rules.  Professional gamers use custom devices to enhance movement, prevent lagging and in general improve the gaming experience. This could involve using PCs with high storage capacity, video cards and customised settings.

So, what happens to the rest who don’t have these additional components? They fully rely on the game developer to have included the necessary elements and have enforced a great concept to ensure a smooth and enticing experience.

An interesting game with little to no effort employed in enhancing the graphics can be very frustrating from our experience. We are not, however, diminishing the importance of having a great concept, theme, plot and set of rules to support the slot game. We are simply highlighting the importance of a good balance between the two. Of what use is a great plot with sluggish, blurry and outdated graphics?

So, What’s More Important?

To everyone who believes gameplay is better than graphics, you are right. To everyone else who also believes vice-versa, you are still right. It all comes down to the individual’s interaction with the game. Whether you prefer a more visual experience or the actual game content is solely based on your personal preference.

Choosing gameplay over graphics should however not be used as an excuse to allow developers to create ugly games. Both are of equal importance and play a key role in enhancing great user experience as you interact with the slots. As a gamer you can however, adopt a bunch of tips to patch up where developers may fall short:

  • If playing the slot machines online, ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi or other internet connection to avoid lagging.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary support software such as Adobe Flash Player
  • Get the best gaming hardware, depending on your budget, find that which suits your pocket.
  • Switch up your settings to optimise quality and performance. Get to learn the different settings of your hardware and determine which combinations will work best to improve the overall experience.

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