Intrigued by pinball/platforming adventure Yoku’s Island Express? Try the PS4 demo, out today

Hi everybody! This is Mattias from Villa Gorilla! We are super excited to announce that we’re releasing a Yoku’s Island Express demo on PlayStation Store today. We know you will love it, so why not give it a try?

For those of you that do not know, in Yoku’s Island Express you control Yoku, a postman dung beetle attached to a ball, who has arrived on the mysterious Mokumana Island.

The islanders are in dire need of your assistance, and not just in getting their mail delivered! There’s a sinister plot in motion to kill the ancient Island God Mokuma who sleeps restlessly in the middle of the island.

It’s very different than any other game that we’ve worked on before. It’s a game that mixes platform adventure and exploration with the more fast-paced elements of pinball, all set in a large, seamless world.

We’ve been careful to make a game that rewards exploration, with plenty of secrets and treasures to be found. As a player, we’re sure you’ll find it different and refreshing in a number of ways, and to get you off to a good start we’ve prepared a few tips for you.

1. Utilise your flippers!

Yoku's Island Express

Don’t forget that you can use the flippers like a real pinball table! Slow Yoku down by holding the flipper and roll on over to the next to achieve your desired shot. No need to wait for our Postmaster hero to land there by chance alone! We even added a cool rainbow effect to show this off too!

2. Use Noisemaker to smash pots!

Yoku's Island Express

What’s an adventure game without breaking a little pottery? Use Yoku’s Noisemaker to blow apart pots and crates dotted around the island for extra fruity goodness.

3. Explore Mokumana Island!

Yoku's Island Express

The island of Mokumana is a big place, with secrets around every corner. Take your time to explore and revisit when you unlock some of Yoku’s cool new abilities – in true Metroidvaina fashion. Who knows what you might find? (Maybe even a Wickerling or two?)

4. Meet the friendly locals

Yoku's Island Express

We have an unforgettable cast of friendly faces for you to meet on Mokumana Island. All have their own stories to tell and some are in dire need of a certain dung-beetle to help them out. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

5. Remember to post your letters!

Yoku's Island Express

What’s a Postman if he doesn’t deliver letters? Head to the Mokumana Post Office to receive your mailbag and deliver letters all around the island. There are 30 post boxes to find and a little surprise as a reward for your vigilant postal work!

6. Advanced Slug-Vacuum action!

Yoku's Island Express

Explosive slugs have infested the island and when you receive the Slug Vacuum from the Slug Gardener, you can harness their destructive power for your own disposal. Boulder in the way? No problem! Hold L2 or R2 to latch a slug to your ball and blow the boulder to smithereens! You can also press X at any time to detonate the slug for more advanced propulsion control!

7. Fast travel with the Beeline!

Yoku's Island Express

Mokumana Island is so big we had to add a fast travel mechanic, so you can zip around the island as you please and return to the Post Office in no time! Say hello to the Beeline! It will cost you some fruit to activate this service, then simply flip up and control with the L2 and R2 buttons. Press once to face your desired direction, and once again to shoot Yoku to the next hive.

Well, that’s all for now. These hints should really help you on your adventures in Yoku’s Island Express. We hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for reading, and for more information be sure to follow Yoku on Twitter for news and updates delivered courtesy of the Mokumana Postal Service.

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