How Real Player Motion makes Madden NFL 19 the most authentic football experience ever

Madden season is nearly here. You can almost hear the pending flood of nonsensical trash talk and see the rage quits on the horizon. With new features and updates for fan-favourite modes, Madden NFL 19 will push the franchise higher than ever before.

Before diving into the digital gridiron, it’s important to know what Madden 19 has to offer. Here’s a quick breakdown on some of the biggest features this season.

Real Player Motion

Likely the most significant change existing Madden fans will notice is Real Player Motion (RPM). RPM not only delivers a boost to player motion authenticity, it brings a higher level of control to Madden. Through new animations, players will get a more realistic football experience, being able to make the same insanely quick cuts their favourite NFLers do on Sunday.

Push the Pile is the perfect example of what RPM produces. Just like in the NFL, players can now use their blockers to edge out some tough ground yards by holding the right stick as they make contact to trigger different animations based on player ratings and the type of running back being used.

A big RB might truck through an engaged defender, while a smaller RB might put his hand on the back of his blocker to plow through traffic.

Gamers will have to respect the Acceleration mechanic even more, too. The quick cuts introduced by RPM are a part of your arsenal as long as you’re not spamming the sprint button. Speed is no longer the ‘I-Win’ button it used to be in Madden; it’s all about stick skills and player control.

Madden NFL 19

User-controlled celebrations

Another feature RPM brings to the table that I have to highlight, though, is an entire arsenal of celebrations, ideal for pouring salt in the wound of victory after a game-winning score.

Following a big sack, touchdown, safety — anything worth celebrating, really — players will have a window to add some swagger to their game with the right stick. Check out this breakdown of options:

  • RS UP – Team/Group Celebration
  • RS RIGHT – Spike
  • RS DOWN – Player Signature
  • RS LEFT – Dance
  • RS CLICK/R3 – Swagger: Steal a Signature animation from the opponent team

You’ll see tons of team celebrations as well. Keep an eye open for new ones too, as we’ll be adding them throughout the NFL season via updates post-launch.

Longshot: homecoming

Last season, Madden broke ground, introducing the franchise’s first-ever story mode, Longshot. In Madden 19, you’ll continue the story of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise following the results of the TV competition that propelled them into the spotlight. But this time around, you’ll control both Wade and Cruise as they resume their journey of personal growth and NFL stardom.

Part of the community feedback around Longshot was that they wanted more action. You ask, we delivered! This season, Longshot: Homecoming features four times the amount of gameplay and on-field action, offering even more reason to dive into this emotionally-driven story.

Madden NFL 19

Franchise and Ultimate Team

Your favorite manager modes are back and better than ever in Madden 19. Progress any player to become the foundation of your roster by playing games, unlocking training points, and unlocking special abilities throughout the season.

MUT Squads was a big hit last season, as the mode allowed gamers to combine efforts to form stacked rosters to take on other players in 3 vs. 3 matchups. In Madden 19, you can now combine those efforts against the CPU in difficult challenges built by MUT designers.

Also, no more contracts.

With Franchise, it’s all about building an NFL dynasty the way you want. You can achieve individual and team rating boosts by matching Player Archetypes to your scheme. Picking up and starting the players that fit your scheme best leads to on-field benefits.

As you earn XP on the field, use skill points to boost a player’s specific skill set. If you’re using a scheme that utilizes a mobile QB, then using a skill point will provide an increase to appropriate stats to make your player more effective on the field.

Get in the game early

Grab the inside edge on the competition and start playing today with the Hall of Fame Edition.

You’ll not only score the full game, but you’ll get tons of content to immediately boost your MUT roster. There’s no better beginning to a dynasty than a dynamic WR, like Hall of Fame Edition cover athlete Terrell Owens. You can choose between Owens or four other NFL legends (Brian Urlacher, Rod Woodson, Dan Marino, and Terrell Davis) to be the cornerstone of your team.

If that wasn’t enough, you also get 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs, one Elite Madden 19 Antonio Brown, and two All-Madden Uniforms.

With all this, Madden 19 is the season to not miss!

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