Survive PS Plus headliner Dead by Daylight as hunter or hunted with these top tips

This month’s PS Plus co-headliner Dead by Daylight is a thrilling online multiplayer experience that makes you feel like you’re in a horror movie. This is a one vs. four asymmetric multiplayer, with four players assuming roles of survivors trying to escape, while the fifth plays the killer hunting them down.

Each game takes place in a sandbox environment, generated by a mysterious force called “The Entity”. The survivors need to repair generators scattered around the level to activate gates and hatches so they can escape. The killer needs to attack survivors, capture them then sacrifice his vicitims to The Entity.

Whatever role you play, you’ll need smarts and sound tactics to achieve your goals. Before you settle in for this first weekend of scares, here everything you need to know to survive, regardless of whether you’re hunter or hunted.

If you’re playing as a survivor…

1. You’re likely going to die

Accept the fact you’re a corpse that just doesn’t know it’s dead yet. But even those first shuffles from the mortal coil are not meaningless. Every time you play, you gain blood points. Points are used to unlock perks. So bide your time, learn the mechanics. And when you die, a button tap will let you watch your dwindling comrades, letting you learn even in the afterlife.

2. You’ll definitely die if you confront the killer

Forget playing hero. You have no weapons and you can’t move as quickly as your would-be-killer. Run and you’ll leave tell-tale red markers which can be seen by whoever’s hunting you. Yes, the odds are stacked against you. Yes, this sucks. But as survivors play from a third-person perspective, you can more easily check your surroundings. Play stealthy, stay healthy.


3. Hide, but not forever

Survivors’ UI reacts to the killer’s presence, their heartbeats getting louder in proportion to the killer’s proximity. That’s enough warning to hide. Hide in buildings, climb through windows or stick to cover when scouting the immediate area. Cornered? Hide in a locker. Basically: stay out of sight. But you can’t cower forever; generators need repaired.

4. Time your generator repairs correctly

And you’re not going to repair generators just by standing beside them. Nor is it as easy as pressing a button. You need to time these when prompted. Mess up and the repair gauge will drop back to zero and you start again. Not like you need more pressure, right?


5. If you’re a lone survivor, it’s not totally hopeless

One concession: while survivors need to repair all five generators to escape, that number drops to two if you’re the last person standing. But you’ll need to find and escape through a separate hatch rather than the level’s main gate.

6. Three deaths and it’s game over

Get attacked, and you’ll leave a trail of blood. One more strike will leave you crawling. Get caught like this and the killer can drag you to one of the meathooks around the level and… well, you get the point.

If you’re stuck there long enough, you’ll die of blood loss. While you do respawn, you’ve only two lives left. Lose those and you’re out of the game permanently.


7. You’ve a better chance together

Don’t be a horror flick cliche and separate. Work together. Survivors can best get others off meat hooks, Would-be-rescuers, remember you’re increasing your chance of escape as a result (and more bodies mean more distractions for the killer). Plus, generator repairs are quicker the more hands are working. So don’t cower: save.

8. Explore. You’ll be rewarded

Forget finding a favourite hidey hole and sticking to it. Get out and explore. You may stumble over single-use items. And the more you do, the more blood points you get, letting you unlock better perks. These include self- healing and speeding up generator repairs. One perk will even allow other characters to learn yours. So fight your fear and explore.


If you’re playing as the killer…

1. All-powerful and complemented with some killer abilities

Good news you murderous dog! Your chosen killer is massively powerful and boasts unique abilities (for example, as the name suggests, the Trapper can set traps to capture prey, while the Wraith can turn invisible). Slight damper for your killing spirit: its first-person view only.

2. You’ll need to hook to kill

You cannot kill survivors by attacking. You need to persistently strike to weaken them to be dragged. Once malleable to your directions, head to the nearest meat hook and let them die from blood loss.


3. A unique UI to track victims and level hints to pinpoint their location

Your UI will highlight the paths of any survivors who were foolish enough to run. And even those that managed to escape your first attack won’t hide for long: their blood trails will show up on your screen. In addition, keep your ears pricked. You may hear your victims’ movements, or the tell-tale flapping of crow wings as a flock is disturbed by someone’s passing.

4. Bait the hook

Grab a weakened survivor, stick them on a hook and then…hide nearby. Wait. Would-be rescuers will be distracted long enough for you to launch an attack.

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