Angle for global multiplayer glory in Fishing Sim World, out 18th September on PS4

Hello there! Fishing Sim World is the most authentic fishing simulator we’ve ever made, and we’re so excited for it to come to PS4 on 18th September. You’ll feel the thrill of hauling in trophy-sized bass, carp, monster pike and more across some of the world’s top fishing locations.

Fishing Sim World combines realistic physics systems, complex fish AI, and real-world detail for a genuine fishing adventure that’s great solo or with friends. It’s the kind of highly detailed fishing adventure you’ve been waiting for.

A truly in-depth fishing sim experience

You’ll have 18 different species of fish to hunt at launch, including pike, carp, and largemouth and smallmouth bass. Each species has its own unique AI and behavioral systems – from water temperature and bait choice to the dynamic weather around the environment, you’ll have to learn how they react and adapt your plan accordingly. Choose a strategy right for the conditions in front of you and you’ll land your prey.

You’ll travel to seven stunning fishing destinations across Europe and North America in Fishing Sim World. Soak in the rays of sun-drenched Lake Johnson in Florida and explore picturesque Lake Boulder in upstate New York, both sprawling over 2000 acres in size. Go hunting in France’s famous Gigantica Main Lake, replicated in magnificent detail right down to the real-world hulking boss fish known as ‘Fudgies’. Or find your mark in a challenging stretch of the UK’s Grand Union Canal, home to powerful monster predator fish.

Fishing Sim World is fully licensed with some of the world’s biggest brands in fishing – choose from thousands of different rig, lure, rod and reel combinations to even the odds against your prey. Grab spinning and bait caster rods and reels from Duckett Fishing and Fitzgerald Fishing. Equip them with line from Fitzgerald or Sunline with lures and baits from Nichols Lures, Missile Baits and Bill Lewis Outdoors (Rat-L-Trap). You’ll have equipment from top names like Korda, RidgeMonkey, Mainline Baits and Delkim to make your hunt a success.


Find the challenge that’s right for you

Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a fishing pro looking for a true test of your real-life angling talents, Fishing Sim World has fun and exciting challenges for you. You’ll rise from beginner to pro, improving your skills, upgrading your gear and becoming a master of the water. Cast your line from the shoreline, or get out there with one of three high-powered boats (two officially licensed from Bass Cat Boats), using sonar to find the perfect fishing spot.

And it doesn’t stop there. Fishing Sim World honors the competitive spirit at the heart of the sport with heart-pounding multiplayer action. Take on friends in four-player multiplayer, and compete in live tournaments with rivals from around the world in The Dovetail Fishing League, fighting for the title of Fishing Sim World Angler of the Month. The DFL hosts multiple events across four different series, each of which has its own season leaderboards, adding up altogether to determine your position in the Global Season leaderboard.

Whether you’re hunting monster pike in England, trophy bass in the States, or enjoying the peaceful quiet of a French lake, waiting for the catch of a lifetime, you’ll find something made for you in Fishing Sim World. Fishing Sim World arrives on 18 September, but you can grab your very own exclusive* in-game FSW boat, shirt, and set of rods and reels when you pre-order now. We can’t wait to see you on the open waters!


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