Battle friends over pop culture trivia in PlayLink quiz show Knowledge is Power: Decades, out 14th November

Our PlayLink game Knowledge is Power, the smartphone-controlled, character-based, multiplayer action quiz gameshow, launched last year on PS4. We at Wish Studios had a lot of fun making it, exploring more of the potential of using your phone as a PS4 controller, after our first PlayLink game, That’s You!

After a reveal at E3 this year, pre-orders for Knowledge is Power: Decades open today on PlayStation Store, with 20% off for PS Plus members. The game releases on 14th November exclusively on PS4, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes developer insights on what makes ‘Decades’ a brand new experience.

Decades of trivia

Top of the list was a completely new set of questions for the game, and this time around we decided to theme the game around separate eras of pop culture – spanning 40 years of knowledge.

We knew we’d be pitting Millennials familiar with endless streams of new music against some of us older types who bought their first single on cassette (International Bright Young Thing by Jesus Jones of course), and so we embraced that idea and we made sure we introduced game-balancing features to keep it fair as well as competitive across the generations.

On top of trivia, Knowledge is Power included special touch-controlled ‘Challenges’ – and for ‘Decades’ we’ve upped these in number from two to six, unleashing all new ways to pick, poke, swipe, prod, smash and chain answers.


Adding character

We could tell from reactions at shows, watching streams and playing with friends that the characters were a huge part of Knowledge is Power’s appeal.

We decided with ‘Decades’ to introduce a whole new set of eight characters for you to play with. As such you can play as the portly and strangely retro-future ‘Internet Guy’, the 3D-glasses and giant popcorn box-wearing mascot, the human ’80s arcade cabinet, and many others. As before, you can use your phone to get dressed up as your character in new filters.


More power

The other big feature in Knowledge is Power is of course the Power Plays; powerups, hazards and score multipliers that players can throw at their competition as they progress through the game.

For ‘Decades’ we kept five of the classics such as Gloop, Bomb and Freeze – but then also introduced on top a mighty EIGHT new ones. You’ll have to play to find out what Zippers, Disco Inferno or Millennium Bug will do…

And finally, we’ve added some new game modes to customise your game, as well as options to let you turn each Power Play on and off for that day when you really can’t take being glooped one more single time…

The next batch of PlayLink titles, which includes Chimparty, Knowledge is Power: Decades, Just Deal With It, WordHunters, Melbits World and Ticket To Ride, are all available to pre-order now, ahead of their 14th November release date.

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