Go ape for mini-game-filled multiplayer Chimparty, swinging onto PlayLink on 14th November

Hello PlayStation Fans! I’m Lau, Creative Director behind Chimparty, our latest PlayLink title for Playstation 4. You’ll be able to pre-order Chimparty today on PlayStation Store, wityh 20% off for PS Plus members. The game will release both digital and at retail on 13th November in US and 14th November in Europe.

“What is Chimparty?” I hear you say.

Well it is a bit of this….


…and a whole lot of this.


(Actually it looks like this when people are playing it:)

It is a party game for up to four players with a whole lot of mini-games, all controlled with only one on-screen button on your phone. There are a total of 90 different levels to play and the whole family can pick up a phone and join the fun – it is super simple, but can really get competitive.


We’ve made a bunch of different game modes so there is something for everyone’s taste:

  • Board Game is the main game mode where you journey across a game board while playing mini-games. Yourquest? Grab for the ultimate golden banana trophy and a new couch (it’s a long story).
  • Our Solo Challenge is a special game-mode where you are chased by a giant orangutan and you have to succeed in a variety of mini-games in order to escape.
  • Random Mode is basically a blitz of random games with no explanation and no pause between them.
  • And we also have a fully Custom Game mode.

I hope you will enjoy Chimparty when it releases this November for PlayLink!


We are super excited to get this game out there for everyone to play, and we look so much forward to sharing the fun we’ve had making the game with all of you!

The next batch of PlayLink titles, which includes Chimparty, Knowledge is Power: Decades, Just Deal With It, WordHunters, Melbits World and Ticket To Ride, are all available to pre-order now, ahead of their 14th November release date. Stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog over the next week, as we reveal a daily update detailing each of the 7 games!

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