Card-based party game Just Deal With It! joins the PlayLink for PS4 range this November

We’re very excited here at Super Punk Games to be able to bring Just Deal With It! to PS4 and wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about the process of creating the game and using new tech to inject new life into card games.

People have been playing card games for well over 3,000 years, so they have a proven heritage, but when we came up with the idea of making a card game using PlayLink, we were really excited about the potential of phones connected to the big screen through PS4.


With this tech, we realised we could invent new ways to play classic games, add cunning layers of strategy, and wrap it all up in a unique party environment set on the ‘Isle of Deal’.

After many nights in casinos and numerous game sessions around the studio’s very own baize (we even have an ex-croupier on the team) we decided on the five classic card games included in the game. Poker and Blackjack were obvious choices for us, we all knew them and had played them, but the others were more contested as everyone in the team had different favourites that they really wanted to make. In the end we focused on recreating those classic ‘game nights’ – with friends, family or both, where you end up playing games late into the night and loving the company, while wanting to take them down!

In the end, Crazy Eights, Hearts and Rummy made it into the game and are also favourites across the world.


House of cards

A party game needs a ‘party environment’ and we wanted something that would bring both pleasure and enchantment through a world based on cards – in fact, everything is made from, yes, you guessed it, card!

A world which is packed with surprises and clearly influenced by the long history of cards. But also, one with real personality, cool characters and quirky buildings that populate the island. Take our host, The Joker (who else could it be?) – a larger than life, super confident, celebrity host whose humour leaves a bit to be desired but at least he finds himself funny…

Deal, in fact, is the ancestral home of cards with each individual card game represented by a building on the Isle. All the players are welcomed fresh out of the Ministry of Players down a huge slide into the town square, and it’s from here that the games begin.


Just add friends!

Cards and PlayLink is such a natural combination. With cards on your mobile phone you can literally play your cards close to your chest. Only you can see them.

But the tech also allows us to deliver new experiences to card games. Meddle with the competition by covering their cards in jelly, delivering a smoke bomb to cover their hand in a thick mist or even freezing them in ice. Not something you can normally do with ‘real’ cards.

There were clearly more possibilities and whilst sat around a table coming up with ideas it dawned on us that, using your devices, you could bring a whole new layer of fun with team play – working together to take down particular opponents, and even double bluffing the players you were supposedly collaborating with. Team missions were born, delivering subterfuge and collaboration on top of the classic games.


The oldest game in the Book

We’re obviously very aware of the fact that these games had stood the test of time with billions of games being played throughout time. We knew better than to mess with their core design. But the party layer, the ability to sabotage players, and the ‘team play’ we’ve added combine to really add twist.

Add to that, the fact that up to 10 people can play at any time locally or online, and we are very proud of the end result. We can’t wait for people to get their hands on it, that will be the real test. Just Deal With It! out 14th November and available now for pre-order.

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