Battlefield V’s open beta starts on 6th September – here’s everything you need to know

The November launch of Battlefield V creeps closer. To ease the burden of waiting, there is an opportunity to play the game on your PlayStation 4 – and it’s just around the corner. The Battlefield V open beta will be available to the public on 6th September and will run until 11th September. Pre-order the game now and you can join the open beta early, on 4th September. Here are some key dates to jot down:

Pre-load of open beta starts:
3rd September, 10:00 AM (CET)

Open beta early access starts:
4th September, 10:00 AM (CET)

Open beta available for everyone:
6th September, 10:00 AM (CET)

So, why are we doing an open beta?

The open beta lets us test Battlefield V running in a live environment with a high player count. We’re testing technical aspects like server stability, as well as gameplay – things like weapon balancing and progression. It’s also an opportunity to collect feedback from participating players. Give us your comments and feedback on the Battlefield Forums.

The maps you’ll be fighting on – and the game modes you’ll be tackling

Among the snowy Norwegian landscapes of the Arctic Fjord map, you’ll be able to play both Conquest and two ‘days’ of the Grand Operation ‘Fall of Norway’. Those are in-game days, by the way – not the 24-hour kind. Grand Operations contain several of these days, with one game mode featured in each.

In Fall of Norway, day one will be spent in the ‘Airborne’ mode, where you’ll parachute-drop onto the battlefield and be on either side of a fight where explosives are deployed on control points. Day two features ‘Breakthrough’, where your team either attacks or defends vital sectors. In this mode, stay aggressive and tactical as an attacker – or use on-the-fly planning to keep the enemy at bay when defending.

Then there’s new scenery to explore: Rotterdam. You’ll fight in the streets of the Dutch city in its pristine, pre-war state before battles left it in devastation. Deploy on this map and try the signature Battlefield game mode ‘Conquest’.

Returning to classic rules, Conquest is a 64-player fight where two teams battle it out for control of key flags on the map. Hold the majority of these points to drain the opposition’s score and win the day.

Vehicles and reinforcements

Five iconic WW2 tanks and seven aircraft will be at your disposal in the Battlefield V open beta. Deploy as a Tanker and bring the big guns to the fight – including the Valentine Mk VIII, Churchill Mk VII, Churchill Gun Carrier, Panzer IV, and the Tiger I. If you prefer soaring through the skies, support your team from above in the Spitfire Mk VA, Spitfire Mk VB, Blenheim Mk IF, Bf 109 G-2, Ju 87 Stuka B-2, Ju 87 Stuka B-1, and the C47.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to fend off flying foes with stationary and towable anti-aircraft guns. Tanks giving you trouble? Use the anti-tank guns – also stationary or towable.

Battlefield V

A Squad Leader who’s collected enough Squad Points will get the opportunity to unleash the powerful Reinforcements. If you played any of the closed alphas, you’ll recognize the terrifying sight of the two heavy tanks: the British Churchill Crocodile and the German Sturmtiger.

Also returning from the alphas are the JB-2 and V-1 rocket strikes that will send enemies flying. New this time around are the Supply Canister Drops. These are sources of health and ammunition, parachute-dropped onto the battlefield at the cost of 7,500 requisition points.

Classes and Combat Roles

All four main classes are available in the Battlefield V open beta: Assault, Recon, Medic, and Support. Each class will have several Combat Roles, and in the open beta, you’ll get to try one for each class.

Every Combat Role comes with unique traits. If you, for instance, play as Recon, its Sniper Combat Role will grant you the ‘Tactical Retreat’ trait, meaning you’ll sprint faster in critical health states. The Field Medic Combat Role comes with a ‘Syringe Revive’ trait, which allows you to revive all team mates (not only those in your squad) with your Syringe.


Picking a class in the open beta also means – to some extent – picking a weapon type. The Support class wields the powerful light machine guns, such as KE7, Bren Gun, and FG-42 – but also the M30 Drilling Shotgun. Medic players can play the objective with the sub-machineguns STEN, Suomi KP/31, MP40, and EMP.

Battlefield V

If you’re in the heat of the battle with the Assault class, use semi-automatic weapons like the Turner SMLE, M1A1 Carbine, and Gewehr 43, or the StG 44 assault rifle. If you’re further from battle with the Recon, rack up headshots with the bolt-action rifles – here you can choose between the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I, ZH-29, or the Kar98k.

Add sidearms, melee weapons, grenades, and gadgets to this and you’ll have a powerful, versatile arsenal to try out in your open beta fights.

A taste of Tides of War mode

With Tides of War, you and the personal soldiers of your Battlefield V company will embark on a journey through themed, different chapters of World War 2. With each chapter of Tides of War, players will have all-new ways to play while also being able to earn the latest and greatest themed Battlefield V vanity items. The open beta will be your first early look at how parts of Tides of War will work.

A five-part Tides of War chapter will be part of the open beta. Players who complete this challenge before 9th September will earn an exclusive in-game dog tag to use in Battlefield V at launch.

The ‘Shock Troops’ chapter is just a small taste of Tides of War – there’s a lot more to come. Make sure to give us your feedback on what the flow of playing these challenges feels like.

Enjoy the open beta

Have fun in your battles at Arctic Fjord and Rotterdam – we hope you’ll enjoy the unexpected WW2 moments that the open beta will feature. Also, remember that this is a chance for you to give feedback and help shape Battlefield V.

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