How to Succeed in Far Cry: Primal with the Help of a PC Game Trainer

You have been jealously contemplating your friends making a rapid progress in your favorite game, Far Cry: Primal? Thinking that you will never be that successful in the game due to a number of reasons ranging from the lack of time and ending with your slow reaction? Stop! You don’t have to consider yourself a loser anymore. With the help of modern trainers you can become more successful almost in any game.

Downloading the Trainer

Ready to download a cool trainer for Far Cry: Primal, but not sure where to start from? The Internet is always at your service, when it comes to looking for a certain program and downloading it. Just search for Far Cry: Primal trainer and the system will present you with a plethora of results. But be choosy and never download anything from the sites that look dubious. Moreover, don’t forget to run the new files through an antivirus program to make sure your computer is safe.

When you finally get the necessary file downloaded, you will need to unpack the new zip file. To extract the files you will be required to use an unarchiver program of your choice, such as WinZip or 7-Win.

  • Please, note that there are cases where you are required to type in a password into the corresponding field prior to unpacking the trainer files. As a rule, passwords can be found on the same page of the website from where you download your trainer.

Note that your trainer should be stored in the same directory that contains your Far Cry game.

Now you are ready to start the game! Usually, developers of trainers emphasize that it is necessary to start their program before launching the game. (One more reminder for you! Always keep the trainer window active while playing the game). Nevertheless, sometimes, players are asked to take the aforementioned steps in the reverse order. So, be attentive and make sure to carefully follow the instructions that go with the trainer.

Useful Tips for Far Cry: Primal Players

Through the magic of your new trainer, you can be a superhero in the game! Take advantage of the following keys to see how omnipotent you can be:

To activate your trainer, press HOME.

Want to be invincible and never lose your precious lives in Far Cry? Not a problem. Take advantage of F1and enjoy your immortality mode.

Hard to breathe? Hurry up! Hit F2to get extra oxygen for your character.

Yep, surviving in the ancient world covered in ice is an ordeal. Press F3and you will forget about being cold.

When your enemies attack you, fight them back by pressing F4(shots)

Want to get rid of the unnecessary items or scatter something? Then, use the “F5” button.

Out of ammunition? Don’t worry. With the help of F6you are able to unlock extra slots on all weapons available in the game.

If you want to get more experience, F8is there to help you.

Surrounded by foes? Want to get to the enemy camp unnoticed? Press the “End” key to become invisible.

If you want to switch between times of the day, press INSERT.

Not satisfied with the game speed? You can always speed up the process. PAGE UPis at your service.

In case to want to stow it down again, press PAGE DOWN.

The trainer also presents you with a chance to use hyper speed. So, to start running as the wind, press 6.

7is for super jump.

Want to get somewhere in a several seconds? There is a “teleportation” option you can activate by pressing 9.

If you want to check your resources, press DELETE.

Hope our guide was helpful to you! Good luck in your future gaming endeavors!

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