Interesting statistics that highlight the gambling demographic in the UK

Here are some interesting statistics that highlight the gambling demographic in the UK. The infographic at the end of this article shows how much of an impact the industry is having on society.

Gambling has a received a bad reputation over the years because the media tends to focus on the negative results rather than success stories.

In recent times, the success of a UK poker player has been the exception to the rule but the majority of the time, it is seen in a negative light.

Gambling is fun and it doesn’t translate to addiction or problems 100% of the time. The thrill of trying to win a bit of extra money provides so much excitement, especially when done with a group of friends.

Betting on sports for example adds more tension and makes the results matter more to a gambler. The stat showing 1 in 4 people bet in-play highlights this.

Plus, in the UK anyway, the earnings you make from gambling are tax free! You keep every penny, making it a viable and legitimate way to make a living.

The matched betting concept even makes gambling risk free, essentially taking any fear of losing away. How matched betting works is by profiting from free bets and incentives from bookmakers.

For young people especially, gambling can provide an extra bit of income to help pay the bills that take up more of the monthly salary compared to workers in more established positions.

This partly explains why 25-34 olds gamble more than any other age group.

Another interesting statistic relates to the gap between the number of males that gamble and the number of females.

As seen from the below infographic, 48% of males have gambled whereas 41% of females have gambled. This statistic indicates the number of women gambling is far more than people probably realise.

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