Quick tips for the popular FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire is surely known by most casual players, and it’s a game that needs no introduction. One thing to be mentioned however is that it’s one of the most difficult variation of Solitaire – if not the most difficult one. Here we’ll quickly go through some easy tips that you can use when playing to improve your chances of beating the game. To try out these tips, head to Pasianssi.com with FreeCell Solitaire and play today.

  • Before making your first move, take a good look at the whole board and think few moves ahead to have more solid tactics.
  • Try to go after the piles that have aces in them in order to get them to your home piles fast.
  • Keep as many home piles open as possible to survive from really difficult spots. Use the home piles only when truly there is no other option.
  • Try to empty the card piles as fast as possible, as it will allow you to move more cards at a time.
  • Aim to plan your moves ahead as possible and remember to count if the number of free cells are enough to make all the moves you are looking to make.
  • When you get an empty cell, your best move is to fill it up with your longest organised pile that starts with King.

With these tips, you will have a better chance of passing a game of FreeCell solitaire – or perhaps win a friendly rivalry between friends and family.

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