Did a PlayStation VR Game Reveal the PS5 Controller?

The rumours that PS5 will be released in the future. Sony has already officially talked about the next generation console. Although Sony has not revealed the features of the console, gamers can be sure that its’ going to be path breaking. Even if you love playing casino games or trying out your luck with online lottery with ladbrokes, we are sure you are waiting for the PS5.

How Will the PS VR Games Be?

There are a few people who have an idea of how the console will be like. Sony is known for computing its controllers, and that’s why Sony’s DualShock has evolved. For instance, the controller has a touch screen pad. The last controller which had a touchscreen pad was the Sega Dreamcast during the launch of PS4.

However, since the launch of PS4 the controller has undergone some unique changes. The controller doesn’t occupy much space giving the developer a chance to integrate the player’s information.

The DualShock 5 is the first touchpad to have touch-based buttons. This was akin to a game layout which is similar to the iOS games.

The Resetera is the group discussing what PS5 looks like. They are basing their speculation from the release of PlayStation virtual game called AstroBot Rescue Mission. The game is already in retail stores, and most players are playing it using PS4. Basically,while you are playing the controller changes into a virtual controller.

However, Sony has still not yet announced about the design and the features of PS5. That being said, fans are expecting PS5 will have more power than XBox one which boasts of 6teraflops.

It will also include a more capable CPU and more memory which could mean higher potential frame rates. Currently, the PS4 uses a Jaguar CPU which many think is the weakest because it holds games from running at 60fps.

As speculations continue to run around, the games which are set to be launched have been confirmed to be of the next generation. Some of the games include:-Death Standing and The Last of US: Part 2.

The Last of Us was released a few months before the launch of PS4. Therefore it was ported for a later date.

When will PS5 be launched?

Sony will be ready to launch PS5 depending on the market for PS4 and the update of Microsoft and Nintendo. One thing people know is that PS5 won’t is released this year because at the E3 Sony did not make any announcement.

A lot of people are however speculating that it might be released either in 2019 or 2020. However given the strong connections and impact PS4 has, Sony is likely to release it in 2020.

The price range might vary if you look at Sony’s past releases. When you look at PS4,the price was $399 in 2014, but later in 2016, PS4 Slim was only at $299. The firm will unlikely go expensive again since they faced an influx during the release of PS3.

Are you looking forward to the launch too?

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