Advantages and disadvantages of In-play betting

Everyone knows the importance of research before placing a bet on any sporting fixture. Before wagering, you look for the recent form of your team. You notice the expected lineups of the two teams while you also observe the head-to-head statistics that can tell you a lot about how the teams are going to perform.

However, there are many factors which could make all your research useless. The weather factor can have a huge effect on the result of the game. For example, a downpour during a football match can affect the quality of your team’s performance. Likewise, losing tennis players get the crucial pep talk opportunity from their coaches if rain stops play in the middle of the game.

Additionally, a player could leave the pitch after getting injured or sent off in a match. If the leaving player happens to be an important player, the game can turn massively in the favor of the opposite team. Something like that happened with Liverpool when their star player Mo Salah got injured during the match and Liverpool lost the Champions League final to Real Madrid. It also happens sometimes that teams and players give very bad performances on the pitch despite the stats suggesting otherwise. We do not mean to say here that research is not important; rather we merely are suggesting that new possibilities can hugely affect a match.

However, if you choose in-play betting, then you will have the opportunity to bet accordingly to the new situations created. You can find all the sports live streaming betting sites at if you want to engage in live betting. You can also find all the top bookmakers of the world along with their latest offers and promotions.

See if you like Bet365 which has a customer base of 19 million, spanning 200 countries. They offer live streaming services for more than 140,000 events each year. Besides football and horse racing, Bet365 focuses on big tennis tournaments and American sports while Unibet is the best when it comes to football betting. They cover all of Europe’s top leagues from the Premier League to Bundesliga etc. You can be sure of excellent picture quality and sound timings. And if you like betting on horse racing, then you should choose Betfair. Not only do they offer video content, but they also offer commentary and studio analysis. You should also check out Paddy Power, Coral and William Hill. Coral is one of the oldest in the market while William Hill and Paddy Power are also very trusted bookmakers. Choose whatever suits your needs the best.


The biggest advantage of in-play betting is that you actually get to observe the match right before you wager. Off course research is very important, but sometimes observing the live game for a couple of minutes could be more beneficial to you than your pre-match research.

You could also come across way better odds than the odds offered before the match starts. For example, you are likely to find better odds during a football match if you have selected Over 2.5 goals and the teams are goal-less. Not only that, but you can also trade your position during the match. Suppose you selected a team to win the match and if your team were to be winning by a goal, then you have the option to Cash Out and secure your profit irrespective of the match result.


If you are engaging in live-betting, then it is very difficult to control your emotions during the match. Seeing the huge profit could cause you to bet on the underdog and so you are likely to lose your money this way. During in-play betting, it is very important that you remain objective and apply all your pre-match statistics to win your bet.

Additionally, you should be an expert in spotting value, otherwise, you would not benefit much. You should know that bookmakers will often change their odds for very popular sporting events and so you get low-value in-play odds.

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